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Elon Musk's new initiative to implement a chip in the brain to connect to a computer – 07/17/2019


Billionaire Elon Musk announced on Tuesday night that his new neural system, Neuralink, is now working on an interface focused on leveraging the computer system improvements in the human brain and computers. .

At the event in San Francisco, Musk said, "The brain-to-machine interface can be perfected," in an event that can showcase advances and talents in software, robotics and neuroscience.


The project "can get a symbiosis with artificial intelligence," said Musk, a futuristic entrepreneur who leads Tesla and Space X.

Also, It is important to have a bond of machinery and mind. If people do not want to go into artificial intelligence, they will be put at risk of being demoted to the role of "domestic cat", according to him.

Projects proposed by Neuralink

Focusing on exploiting improvements in computer systems in the human brain,He had a small version of the first sensor. It can be implanted into the brain through a small incision made by a robot specially designed to perform this task with high precision.

Musk said his company is working with mice that have surgically implanted small electrodes (up to 1,500) in the brain, and Musk has recorded brain activity.

Implants that they want to use Tens of integrated sensors measure 1/4 of the human hair's diameterTo avoid penetrating the blood vessels of the brain surface is to insert into the brain using an injection needle. The chip will be ported from the skull to receive information from the sensor via Bluetooth.

"They are mini electrodes, and robots are delicately implanted," he said, pointing out that there could be thousands of electrodes connected to the brain.


One of the challenges they face is the precision of the process of porting the sensor. To this end, they developed. A robot that drills a hole and inserts a thread. Use a lens and a computer vision system to avoid damaging the blood vessels or the brain itself.

"It will work well without getting stressed and it will not require physical connections," he said.

The chip will communicate wirelessly with a hearing aid that sends information to mobile applications, according to Neuralink.

The current goal is to have a person with implants control the phone with thought, but eventually this technology can be extended to other devices such as robotic arms.


"It has tremendous potential," Musk said. "I hope to be given to human patients before the end of next year."

Neuralink neurosurgeons are one of the first goals of this technique Treatment of patients with neurological diseases. But in the long run, you can enter the selective surgery field for people who want to make their implant very safe, reliable, and simple, which will power the brain with the power of the computer.

Musk said the goal is to place one of these implants in the brain as much as a simple procedure as laser eye surgery.

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