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Face recognition of the BMW X1: The first image has been filtered.

ElectronicThe X1 has become the gateway to an increasingly wider BMW SUV or SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) called the brand. I made a proposal similar to the big brother X3. But with smaller scale and price. Sales were especially made in the second generation, but almost three years into the market, the first update time is approaching.

The Munich company is already known to be doing the modifications as evidenced by some images of the camouflaged test units broadcast on the Internet and the BMW Forum, but it is as alarming as it often happens: at least one or two Chinese webs The site has published several photographs without being disguised about the new X1, and one of them would probably have been described as approved.

Although it does not change the original design of the SUV, the face wash is obvious. First, chrome kidneys and much more bulky new grills, like those implemented in other models of the brand, stand out without exaggerating the new Series 7 and X7. It also redesigned the bumper that lost the circular fog lamps, and now has a larger central air intake that gives a more aggressive image to the front of the vehicle and a black mask at the end. Headlights have also been updated with a more linear stroke and LED lighting interior design.

Except for the new alloy wheels, or only the internal design of the headlights modified to the rear Led and style similar to X2 or X3 style There is no big change in the side changed.

Currently, no major modifications are expected, except for the means to integrate a digital display that can be configured by the driver, which has already exceeded Series 8 and is known to use a new series, It was not filtered. 1, share the UKL platform.

New x1

Mechanically, the planned novelty is the addition of a plug-in hybrid variant (its features have not been revealed yet) – the sportier version – the M35- is powered by a 2.06 TwinPower Turbo naphtero engine already using the X2. Top range of Series 1.

Official announcement of X1 should occur next month. According to some European media estimates, BMW's chosen date is the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs from September 12th to 22nd.

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