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Ford plans to eliminate 7,000 administrative jobs. 10% of global plants

Ford will remove the surroundings 7,000 white-collar workers, about 10% As pressure on the automotive industry increases Global slowdown of sales.

Layoffs will allow Ford to save some $ 600 million per year, The CEO said. Jim Hackett In employee notes published on Monday. Much of this cut will be completed on May 24 in North America, China, South America and late August.

"In our competitive industry and in order to win Ford in the future and a rapidly changing future, We must reduce bureaucracy, grant managerial authority, accelerate decision-making, focus on the most valuable work, and reduce costs."Hackett wrote. "Ford is a family business and it's difficult and emotional to say goodbye to colleagues."

Change seeks to reduce. Optimize organizational levels by improving Ford's administrative structure by 20% and reducing organizational levels from 14 to 9In detail, the administration. Other changes focus on product development, such as greater investment, such as the creation of new vehicle designs and building teams. Information and entertainment, software development and electricity.

This note details the removal of jobs for payday jobs Ford informed employees in October. Extensive restructuring of $ 11 billion. General Motors (which has eliminated 8,000 jobs in the global workforce) and Volkswagen have also reduced thousands of jobs due to the increase in electric vehicle technology, and drivers are not restructuring the global auto industry.

So far, 2,400 people (1,500 people per voluntary withdrawal) Located in North America, 7,000 jobs, The rest are in Europe, China and South America, but details are not known, Chain said. CNN.

The company announced its intention to work because the agency recalls in April 2018 AFP, In the middle of a series of changes The removal of several miniature models in the North American market and the enormous investment in electric vehicles have also been included.

After Monday 's announcement, Ford shares fell 0.63% and traded at $ 10.22 a share shortly after the market opened on Wall Street.

Information from Bloomberg and AFP

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