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Gael García Bernal is a writer, Fernanda Aragonés,

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal is the author of Zona Maco writer Fernanda Aragonés, Contemporary Art Fair in Mexico City, February 6-10, 2019.

The main character of the Amazon series is "Mozart in the Jungle" He did not hesitate to kiss her on the cheeks and lips. He always treated his private life very carefully.

Mexican edition of magazine Hi! He released the image and reported that the actor "was romantically sympathetic and affectionate to the social scene in the romantic scene."

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Gael García is never open about his love affair. He was connected to the models Belén Chavanne, Natalie Portman and marched on a red carpet with Andrea de la Torre designer. He raised two children with Dolores Fonzi in Argentina.

Actually, Mexican actors Libertad and Lorenzo attended while kissing at Zona Maco. According to the Mexican magazine classGael García and Fernanda Aragonés did not want to pose on the camera or talk about their romance.

Who is Fernanda Aragonés?

Fernanda calls himself "Fiera" and runs a blog of the same name. Besides poetry, I use art and culture in magazines. Marie Claire

She married Alex Esparza, the father of Emilia, her only daughter. She was also associated with Alejandro del Villar in 2013.

She is the daughter of the famous Miguel Ángel Aragonés, who worked as an architect behind the famous White House. When discovered by a newspaper magazine survey, Enrique Peña Nieto became the case to mark the administration of the former president.

Angelica Rivera had to explain that she bought a movie as an actress. The house costs $ 7 million in a monopoly residential area of ​​the Mexican capital. Two years after the purchase was canceled, the President apologized to the Mexicans for the "mistake".

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