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Galadorin President of Mercado Libre: "It's very difficult to create jobs in Argentina. Five things are five."

No News Galperin came back and came back to talk about Argentina's complex labor plan. But this time I had a personal conversation with the employees of Onapsis, a not-public but successful investor in Argentina. So maybe his words can sound more vividly.

"In Argentina, job creation is very difficult because of the working class. "I do not want to hire people because 5 jobs are 5 problems and 100 jobs are 100 problems."

Also, in short audio, Galperin makes references to the questions of capitalist democracy and authoritarianism and, in the United States, finally evaluates it as necessary. "Capitalist democracy is questionable. In the United States, recontra is walking well, but it can be very authoritarian. I think the world of consensus does not work when you have to negotiate a democratic, authoritarian regime that does not have to take the test every two years and take the test."He said.

From Mercado Libre It is an employer and confirmed that the negotiations were held this week after Monday began. "It was an internal event with Onapsis employees. It was an hour that was completely removed in the context of the conversation."He added. This comment refers not to the staff but to the current legal framework and the context of the state.. They have employed 2,200 people in Argentina since early 2018, with a total area of ​​4,700 people and 7,500 people in the region.

On Monday, Galperin reviewed the history of his company, and Macri said Mercado Libre "is a demonstration of success, not just a demonstration of success."

In an interview with CNN at the end of last year, he also talked about the work environment. "If we do not reform the working class, we will not be able to move forward", He said Marcelo Long Body.

"EIf we do not reform the working class as well as the union in the medium term, it will be very difficult to move forward. Argentina did not create formal employment decades ago"This time on TV.

"Argentine labor is horribly outdated. It was made for the country 100 years ago. Protect occupational occupations, repetitive jobs where robots and machines can be replaced, and protect them from creating new jobs. To worsen this situation, neighboring countries and commercial partners must have an absolutely modern labor system. When investors decide where to place factories in Brazil, Argentina or Chile and compare those frameworks, we have little chance of winning that competition"He warned.

Like Macri, the current ruling party's vice presidential candidate, Miguel Pichito, Galperin is the protector and promoter of labor reform in Argentina. As part of a structural reform, when a business asks the next government and the founder of Mercado Libre is a member of the AEA, Endeavor and other "Red Circle" scenarios.

In November 2017, the business created a historic underground space to ask on Twitter. Looking at the labor reform in Brazil, Argentina can imitate it. 2) Mercosur loses millions of jobs in Brazil and resigns.

It was not his only tweet controversy. A year later, a video was circulated in the middle of the foreign exchange crisis, he recalls, "when I started salary was fifth in the priority list and not good for me." Then he said,I am upset that their priority is actually salary, and the increase is 5% instead of 6% or 8% … Mercado Libre is not the place for you."

The criticism rained. He defended himself in social networks. Speaking of malicious editing, he said that his company "increased the developer's salary above the market" from 28% to 30.5%.

Last August, he took the following Twitter. "As with all the recessions and crises we have lived in for the last 40 years, if you want to live more to end corruption and impunity in Argentina, I welcome you." He wrote tweets this morning. A few minutes before the 9 ". Later, he deleted it and his relatives said" misunderstanding ".

A few weeks ago he crossed the road. Juan Gravoa, The company "Smuggling, avoidance, financial speculation, consumer abuse and unfair competition". "His success is destroying thousands of jobs, Macri has made millions of dollars in cost," the leader added. Cristina Kirchner.

Galperin did not respond to the controversy over the course of a few days, and he only wrote about Twitter. "It's tragically too bad. It's ridiculous."

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