Thursday , December 3 2020

Gerardo Romano blushed Sol Prez: "Aparecs vos and appears …"

She is one of Argentina's most exciting beauties in the midst of the show. It is also the protagonist of certain media conflicts as well as physical beauty. She is currently a chronicler and one of the "Magazine Magazine Again". As if that was not enough, she was most praised by male audiences, and recently she was praised for leaving her speech.

It's about that. Solfritz, Bailando was the mobile protagonist of Mar del Plata, a part of the program she participated in, in this case "Gente opinando" by Pollo lvarez of Net TV, and the amazing guest Sol. Famous people who praised the famous Gerarno Romano.

Quers meets the beauty, the bottle, the queen ?, asked the driver Romano and then challenged his guests and asked: How would Romano piropeara like her at this time to her? You can not even say praise because you have seen it now, and please express Levarez. Before the provocation, the actor was not left behind.

How about Sol Soito? Adorable, you added a very pretty, then started a round of praise. Your beauty seems to be on the outside, but your beauty is like that sparkling bubble. When you appeared, life with you appeared, legendary actor spoke and acted Race. He could not hide the surprise and joke of the race.

But Gerardo Romano is not the first time that he has made Argentina's beauty stand out, has already been with Nicole Neumann, and celebrities have been invited to their shows and are full of admiration. It is being accomplished. Romano and Nicole knew you were with you and later confessed that you were very happy with her words.

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