Friday , June 25 2021

Grandparents married after 48 years of courtship. Chronicle

In the flood of recent political and economic news, Ester cocareli And Neris Vidolza, 76 years and 82 years respectively. After 48 years of courtship, the couple decided to say "yes" before God and before the law. She was born in Catamarca, Buenos Aires, at the age of 15, and moved to the federal capital for military service. She was born in the Italian province of Cosenza, where she decided to stay and conclude.

The story between the two began in 1970 with the "kilo of potatoes". She went shopping at an ordinary grocery store, but when she got home she realized they were rotten. He again requested a change in the fruits and vegetables that he did not want to take care of. So he went to other markets in the area and went to buy potatoes. And in the business he attended, a few months later, he would realize that it was his life's love.

The couple moved to Córdoba and finally married Saturday night. Built in the Rivadavia area, we have built a large family of four children, eight grandchildren and six grandchildren. "He loves me for everything, he is my life, I love her sweetness, her appearance, the way she treats me and always treats me … Love for us was not for a day or two. , He fell in love and was for life. "Ester said.

"We had a lot of suffering because we came to Cordoba with our hands behind our backs, fighting from below and starting clockmaking from the beginning, the secret between us had to be in good and evil. Just because you have yourself ", Concluded a 76-year-old woman.

As many as one grandchild, Gianni Vildoza, He said: "To me this was very special. When I told them that they had decided to marry, I was very happy and they gave me the honor of being one of the civil witnesses. It was exciting to see them fulfill their dream of marriage"

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