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Gymnastics wants to hunt Newell and howl in the woods.

Gymnastics will find three points worth much more than Newell's goals and will be brave in front of them. It will be in 19 hours on the Juan Carmelo Zerillo Arena, with the opening of Superliga's date 23.

Gymnastics You will be brave paused in front of his people, and you will actually want three more worthy. Newell. that is 19 hours Juan Carmelo Zerillo Stadium opens at Superliga on the 23rd.

In the latest edition of the first contest, the wolf is almost safe, but he knows that the next season will start to get more complicated and he continues to add what he can. Try to clarify the difference. When a new tournament starts.

The lepers are the main competitors in the fight today, and only three of the above are expected to be the average table for the coming campaign, 49 to 52 in 49 games. Victory is very important today.

To do it Daio Ortiz The following four revisions are required: Sebastian Moyao Alexis Martin Arias, Germán Guiffrey Gonzalo Piovi Francomussis Lorenzo Faravelli and Brian Mansilla Jesús Vargas.

Visit casting Héctor Bidoglio still can not rely on Maximiliano Rodríguez for the expansion of his left forearm, but introduces two variants provided by Teodoro Paredes and Mariano Bittolo by the income of Stéfano Callegari and Juod Pablo Freyes.

Possible measure

Gymnastics : Sebastián MOYANO; Facundo OREJA, Maximiliano CORONEL, Germán GUIFFREY and Lucas LICHT; Maximiliano COMBA, Franco MUSSIS, Víctor AYALA and Brian MANSILLA; Jan Carlos HURTADO and Santiago Silva. DT: Darío ORTIZ.

Newwell: Area AGUERRE; Facundo NADALÍN, Stefano CALLEGARI, Fabricio FONTANINI and Juan Pablo FREYTES; Aníbal MORENO and Juan Manuel REQUENA; Víctor Figueroa, Mauro FORMICA and Luis Leal; And Alexis RODRÍGUEZ. DT: Héctor BIDOGLIO.

Stadium: Juan Carmelo Jerry.

Reference : Fernando Eshnik.

TV: Fox Sports Premium.

time : 7:00 PM

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