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Happy birthday to Kun Agüero and Tini.

He celebrated 22 years of age and a soccer player attending the party surprised many people by dancing with his presence and the singer.

Tini Stoessel celebrated his 22nd birthday at Palermo's bowling alley. Friends, family and entertainment people attended the young pop star, but there were guests who were surprised by the help of Sergio "El Kun" Agüero.

The football player was a famous player with more commentary generated. Because friendship bonds rarely paired up with girlfriend Violetta, she shares common things she likes while posting her articles on social networks.

The most important part of the party was when the DJ focused on Manchester City striker Ross Rails. Everyone sings songs automatically. With a white shirt and a black beanie, Kun danced with the birthday girl.


Tini has thousands of fans on his social network and his news has exploded everywhere. Many people wondered what would happen between the singer and the former Independiente player. The source of the consultation was Ángel de Brito, who reported that nothing happened between the two figures. "They give a note to Tini and bear fruit," was one of the morning's Los Angeles driver's answers to a network user of the birds.

And Yatra?

Tini, on the other hand, is very close to Sebastian Yatra. The day before, the Colombian singer premiered a video of a new film, "Cristina," about the story of a famous singer (Tini Stoessel) and a young man (Yatra) who do not fit her lifestyle. A preview of his second work Fantasía. The artist wore a motorcycle while shooting the clip. Yatra uploaded that curious accident to Instagram. "It's not that I'm proud, I'm not laughing, I'm very embarrassed, I'm sorry, Tiny." Sebastian wrote a kind of apology.

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