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"He threatened me, he sent people to my house, I had to move … not a joke!"


Mariana Nannis joined in a great debate. Find details.

Mariana Nannis said she does not have hair on her tongue and is not afraid that no one will meet or exceed certain limits. More for love! In the rumor of a millionaire divorce between her and Claudio Paul Caniggia, who has been married for over 30 years, the lover of a former soccer player was silent.

The young journalist, Samia Bonelli, who will be the third in the struggle, says she has a "Pamela a la Tarde" The bird's girl. "What is your relationship with Claudio Paul?" They first consulted. "I have no interest in talking about Claudio Paul! Talk to him! I swear I am not interested in talking about Claudio Paul because I am not interested in it since March. No, "he replied.

"What I want to clarify is that the lawyer says he should not get messy with me because somebody else tells me that it makes me dirty." Mariana. "I look for Mariana! I make this clear, I do not have anything to do and it does not stain on me, I will blame it on slander and insults because I have given it a fearful theme, I have nothing to do …" .

Then, they asked if he was listening to the dedicated audio. Charlotte Mom She told her, "I heard that all the messages from Mariannanis have threatened me since March, as Mora and Ido came out for me. She sends them to journalists, do you think I did not hear them? "Sophia replied.

Finally, he Nenis He had threatened her many times and had proof of it. "Yes, of course he threatened me many times, he sent people to my house, to my property.I have a video, I have everything to appear in court, then do not be with me." said. He made it clear that he had to leave home because of the terrible circumstances in which he lives. "I had to get out of the house. This is not a joke."

"if so
Do not disturb this woman. I want to destroy it, but I have code. "
Bonelli emphasized. "He always sends me a third party.
I speak to you in the name of Mariana, the name of Minnesota. People will appear where I live.
Looking for me. I am going publicly because they are with me. But I am from.
March is living. "

There is evidence but we do not disclose it.
Justice. "After finishing the note, they went to ask again.
Your link to Caniggia. "Talk to Burlando or Claudio.
I say it directly because it is a TV name. this is
Decision, when I go out and talk with too much personality
"He concluded.

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