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He tried to show off Panenka-style penalties and was mocked by a great clone of rivals.

in Penalty shootout Define its tie Stage 1 ~ Of South American Cup Between Sports club stock From Columbia Independent FBC A player from Paraguay The worst Panenka style shots in history Mocked by The cool response of the goalkeeper Across.

after 0-0 Who independent Guarani is in the arena. Campín de BogotáThe same result as the first leg had to be defined as a penalty to see who went through the series to the second stage. The series went off on the left foot of the Paraguay team. Jose Bazays, But Archer Diego Morel handled Armando Vargas' third coffee auction..

Responsibility for equalizing behavior is Venezuela Vendrix para, Tried to cheat the goalkeeper I stabbed the ball with great subtlety.. The goalkeeper's feel was so good that the goalkeeper scored the goal. Diego Noboa Create a lavish cover Auction stopped by chest Have a lot of hierarchies.

The Venezuelan attacker could not hide his anger after the failure. He ran toward the ball and hit the net bottom to break the violent jeans., The error has already been completed Vendrix para I knew I missed a moment. He let his team know that he kept dreaming of his adventures in continental tournaments.

To make matters worse, the Colombian team achieved the classification Novaya's own goals. In this way, La Equidad won the Independiente de Campo Grande. 4-3, and passed the next stage of the continental competition.

Bogota training: Umberto Sierra I was under great pressure at that stage. The Paraguay team is playing in the second division. They also made a tie in the first leg without goals. Thanks to the mistakes of one of his opponents and the genius of his goalkeeper, they are still racing.

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