Sunday , November 29 2020

Health reported 36 new cases of leprosy in Mississippi.

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Written by Esteban Bueseck [email protected]

Physicians from the provincial capital Pedro Baliña Hospital
Leprosy control programs or leprosy,
Chronic Infections by Mycobacterium Bacteria
Infected with frequent contact with people
I get sick without this treatment.

Within this framework, the local health department
In 2018, 72 patients were treated and 36 of them were newly treated.
In the case of leprosy (30 individuals are multi-generational and 6 are multi-organisms); Of 36
New patients, 14 patients were female and 22 men
It is vibrating between 16 and 72 years for women and between 26 and 81 years for men.
A total of 26 people were discharged at the end of last year.
In treatment, they were designated in the health insurance portfolio.

The provincial program in Balinese
Dermatologists Rafael Miranda and Ana Liberatore are medical experts.
In this line, doctors pointed out that detection is important.
In the early days of the illness "but above all,
Certain signs of skin consider diagnosis of leprosy.
Ask for a biopsy to establish a rule. "

Slow progression pathology

One of the main issues in the consultation
People reach the stage of progression of the disease. "This is given.
There are two reasons. Because the doctor did not consider this disease.
Because the patient arrives with early discovery of family members
It was infected to others at an advanced stage without treatment.
I did not talk to my doctor because I was embarrassed or ignorant.
I simply gave up the treatment.
When a leprosy patient is found, his whole family environment is studied. "
They made it clear.

They explained: "Leprosy is a slow disease,
Tuberculosis leprosy takes about four years to appear.
Symptoms of leprosy leprosy for about 8 years. Symptom
Tuberculous leprosy is a well-known lesion.
Defined on the skin with swelling. Symptoms of leprosy
lepromatous is a chronically covered nose and many lesions and nodules.
On the skin on both sides of the body. "

Treatment for leprosy is from 6 months to 2 years
"Do not give up anytime."

"Only 5% of the population is infected with leprosy,
When exposed to bacteria without knowing it at some point in life,
Of course, leprosy is a treatable disease of low rates.
This disease, also known as an "epidemic," has been expressed in local leprosy programs.

They are also the people who have this disease
Because they feel shame or are not isolated from society. "

The best way to avoid the spread of leprosy is with diagnosis and treatment.
Claiming that it is an early treatment of infected people. in
For domestic contacts,
Instant and annual testing for at least 5 years
The last contact with the person in the infectious stage. Diagnosis
Leprosy is based on typical skin lesions of the disease
A biopsy is performed on a sample of affected skin.

In Argentina, on average, about 300 are found annually.
In 2016, over 30%
Leprosy cases continue to be registered in this area.

In this context, tomorrow, the last Sunday of January marks the World Day of the fight against leprosy.

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