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How does a "semaphore" condom that detects STDs work?

Developed by the London Student Group. When sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are found,. They call it informally. "traffic lights"Are masculine and there are entrepreneurs who are willing to invest money in prototypes that are already available on the market.

Condom in question It requires a specific color depending on the type of bacteria it detects.. E.g, ChlamydiaThe latex will turn green. Once it is confirmed syphilis, blue; yellow Herpes And purple Human papilloma virus (HPV).

The people in charge of this project Daanyaal Ali, Muaz Nawaz And Chigrasa, Three students Isaac Newton Academy. At first, S.T. Eye And as these young people explained, It is designed to provide people with a simple way to identify the presence of STD and start treatment in time..

London: Condoms can detect sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

"We like S.T. Snow New ways to discover STDs and help future generations. We wanted to make something so people could be safer. Take immediate action on the privacy of the family."I do not have to worry about the horrible procedure that takes place in the doctor's office."

Condoms are not intended to be contraceptive methods A kind of sexually transmitted disease test. Many researchers have already done the same research topic in order to bring the same thing to market in the next few months.

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