Sunday , February 5 2023

Hurricane eventually defeats Godoy Cruz in pain and approaches racing.




  • Andres Chavez
  • Lucas Gamba
Godoy Cruz

Godoy Cruz

They encountered Superliga's two team animators. Two of the group of people expected to come forward hope to reach the now unique leader, Racing. Especially

An adjourned meeting with Argentinos Juniors was held, and if he won, he said he would be closer to the Chacho Coudet's six units today.

Rain seemed to complicate game development. While Godoy Cruz was preparing some counters, he had to find hurricanes and targets early on.

Kee stepped in the midfield. Tandem Damonte-Rossi did not remove the ball and Pato Toranzo distributed it. Chavez and Gamba both warned that they would be an irresistible duo for Tomba.

Toranzo left foot passed past the post. A few minutes later, the same midfielder helped Gamba send Chavez a cross that he threw on the ground and net. It was just zero. Because Godoy Cruz did not arrive at the Marcos Diaz area. El Morro García lived across an area of ​​attack waiting for a ball that could never attack.

After a while the same Chávez put a second with a left cross. And before the first end, I was penalized for attacking by Briasco after a fatal Counterattack by Gamba. I changed it according to the goal, and the advantage has become more important. He got confidence and Godoy Cruz because he began to feel comeback would be a very uphill battle.

Replenishment is less intense than Alfaro's strengths, but pending sentencing is sentenced. They continued to find Toranzo, Gamba and Chávez, but this time the attempt was unsuccessful. Slowly the globe was matched and Godoy began to wander around the quemera area without Morro Garcia in the field.

At the last minute, Gabeiel Ávalos was discounted as a heather and hurricane. People did not lower their chances of raising their voices. The last moment was an agony. Unfair equality was firmly attached to the team and fans. Between Gamba, Garro, and Mendoza, they admitted before that they were sleeping the ball in the corner, which is the average habit of universal football. In this case, the hurricane sticks to three points that allow time and keep it close to the end. The next day we will visit San Lorenzo. His fans' songs remembered him in minutes 0.

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