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"I hope to have a peaceful summer" Nazarena Vélez did not hide her discomfort when she found … "

The theatrical season began and conflicts began. The first picture in front of the door is a very famous trio as the protagonist. Barbie Vélez, Nazarena Velez Federico foot. Barbie and Fede ended their love relationship in bad terms and they have a long history of confrontation because the media's mother could not help intervening to protect her daughter.

In this case, Nazareth learned that her eldest daughter would work very close to her ex-husband. Although the actor was fired by the Justice Department on charges of violence as his former partner, the tension between the exsuegra and the son of Carmen Barbieri continues. The first actress to return to the subject was an actress, and she attended the Veronica Lozano program and talked about it.

Barbie velez fede bal

"The truth is going to get closer to Barbie, she must work, but it is a strong summer for her because she is the first season with someone to blame." She started her defense at Corta. Lozano then added: "Barbie said she closed the door with Rights, so she would go to Mar del Plata and I knew that the other one was going with her mother."

Later, Vélez was very true. "I hope to have a peaceful summer." Then she revealed what her daughter told her: "She told me, 'I think it's a little on my chest, and from there I got everything I got from Mar del Plata. I started seeing the proposal and I said, "I'll go with you." She accompanied her daughter to Mar del Plata.

She insisted on resolving this problem as follows. "I told her that I felt uncomfortable, and I left her saying that she was going to go in. I was a 24-year-old woman and she knows what she can do to protect herself and who can defend herself. Nothing will happen because I do not think it's stupid, but if you're around you'll feel much better. "She did not ask me to do that, but she said," Mom, go. "

Nazarena Velez

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