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Icardi: "Scaloni has this opportunity" :: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina

Prior to the match against Mexico, Mauro Ikadi banned the provisional supervision of the "Argentina national team" in an interview with the media.

Argentina Icardi: "Scaloni deserves this opportunity." Prior to the match against Mexico, Mauro Icardi told the media that he "banned the" middle "coach of the Argentine national team. In an interview with the media, Mauro Ikadi banned "temporary supervision" of the Argentine national team.


Mauro Icardi, one of the renewed promises of the Argentinian national team, had a conversation with the media before the games against Mexico.

"I always feel proud to be returning to the national team and I want to play in the country," Inter Milan spokesman said. My expectations are always the same as doing as much as possible and switching many of the goals that are waiting for you. "

Regarding the interim coach of the national team, which may not be in Copa America at the time, Icardi said Scaloni delivered "his experience of keeping Argentine shirts and the importance of what is here". "Scarroni has scarcely played in the national team, focused his passion and enthusiasm on his work, and I want things to work out, I am happy," he added. He will know … "

"Personally from the offense, I feel comfortable with any forward, and the coach wants everyone to play in the position they occupy in his club, which is a plus, and it will be a sure way for anyone to play," he said.

"I am going to the national team very calmly, I am doing my best in the club, being in the national team is a reward for my daily work, and if I keep the average in Italy, I will surely get a prize." Mauro Icardi of Copa América.

Finally, after repeating that he "did not want to reform the national team uniform", Icardi retired talking about what it means to wear albiceleste.

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