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"I'm sorry I invited her to the program, I think I'm a girl." The driver was in trouble!

The world of TV can be truly ruthless. One day, many of the people who saw it did not find themselves at work because their boss decided to refrain from renewing the contract without any explanation. In fact, Marcelo Tinelli had a strong debate with the manager of the Clarín group shortly before becoming the most successful driver in Argentina and said that he forbade Channel 13 to "go live".

Of course, the time heals the wound, and today, the charismatic reporter speaks of an anecdote with humor, knowing that success can make us forget past insults. The question is whether Nai Awada can "forgive" after unintentionally separating his fellow students from Bendita TV. Beto Casella talked to actors and dancers who worked with him for months on a panelist and was really serious.

"I bother me because I invited her to the program.I think that I am a girl with good communication and personality despite the fact that it is a girl and it worked well because I do not personally experience serious things, There are occasional jokes among panelists, and Mr. Ventura said "this pendeja says a lot," but it's nothing that does not happen in ShowMatch. When I find out there is something I will stop it. I have not seen anything in the air, "Diario de Mariana's driver said.

And he mentioned that the program at the age of twenty made it go so quickly and unexpectedly. "I understand that one night I opened up a twitter against Annie and the panel and started off doing something unpleasant, she was angry all alone and I would have liked her to continue, she says she has already thrown her away on the phone. It bothered me because it provided a lot to the program, "the driver concluded.

It's a good idea to remember that Nai warned his peers through his Twitter account that his relationship was not at all good. "For the first time in @BenditaOk, I have been very worried about this program for several months, I can go through a duel against my grandmother's programs, but I endure some sort of" bullying "by my colleagues , I blamed the expansionist and made it clear that he was very bad.

And then it was much more direct. "I like the program and work on the channel, but I will not tolerate the program because it is & # 39; new & # 39; I understand, but I do not know, jealousy or competition, I am happy to work and I am a good companion "(sic), who danced for a dream in 2018 until she resigned and was replaced by picantísima Mica Viciconte I confessed the goddess.

Awada made it clear that his problem was clearly with the rest of the panel, not the technical team. "Fortunately, my creator is the most, but my companion … the big ones seem to have sailed and there are no more restrictions anyway, anyway, I wanted to express it because it was extremely agonizing and ugly. Fushhhh "(sic), Awada, after he finishes his speech and hides his wrath, says," Fushhhh "(sic), do not come to save forgiveness, enjoy the public discomfort about bullying, I could not.

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