Saturday , May 15 2021

In a peaceful situation of exchange rates, national risk fell to its lowest level in three months.

On the first day of February, the financial "veranito" continued with a calm dollar, and the country's risk of a new appetite for Argentine stocks and bonds and one of the most relevant indications to foreign investors was greatly reduced. find Lowest level in the last 3 months.

Despite the fact that the central bank continues to buy foreign currencies on a daily basis, the exchange rate below the rate of exchange rate indicates that the US currency is offered much more than is currently required. The proposal Amount of dollars coming from overseas Through investment funds that come to take advantage of the interest rates offered by the pesos or the export of agricultural export complexes.

The investor's new credibility is mainly International circumstances favoring markets such as ArgentinaIt also falls into national danger. This index, elaborated by JP Morgan, shows the additional costs Argentina will have to pay to issue debt in the market compared to the US.

This makes 627 national risk points today 3% less than the day before 200 points less than at the end of last yearThe country can barely buy less than 9% of the bonds. This indicator generally decreases when an investor purchases an asset, as is the case with Argentinian assets.

The stock exchange of Buenosairean Commerce finished this Tuesday with some progress 7 consecutive days with rising trend. S & P Merval climbed 0.88% to 37,471.67 on Tuesday and rallied to a record high in the peso. The overall balance of the wheels produced a total of 42 hiking, 35 low and 10 shares without change.

Tuesday's stock market was another example of a situation. The central bank bought $ 75 million this Tuesday. He took first place on two occasions. The first was $ 50 million, an average of $ 37.17, and the $ 25 million was $ 37.17 an hour later. Monetary entities have taken over $ 600 million so far to date. Despite these operations, the dollar barely moved 1 cent.

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