Tuesday , May 30 2023

Including more financial emphasis on the potential of cryptocurrencies – Télam


Bitcoin works transparently, autonomously, and without the substance to regulate it. Bitcoin is transforming its financial system: how we move, store, spend money and ensure reliability. That's why Silicon Valley and Wall Street are fascinating. "Said Rodrigo Benadon, co-founder of Cripto247.com, at the beginning of the event.

The free event hosted by Cripto247 had about 8,000 subscribers and was backed by Ripio, BIND Group and Bitfarms.

In a conversation with Telam, Benadon said, "There are 2,000 cryptographic reactors, and the most interesting ones are those with the highest market cap and the most popular and most powerful in terms of their technology."

"Bitcoin is # 1 and has 1000 exciting cryptographic techniques out of 2,000 existing cryptographic schemes, which account for 54% of the 1,000 market share in terms of dollars measured in dollars."

"Nobody knows what's going to happen at the value of Bitcoin, and we believe that the value will entail that technical chaos." Bitcoin was literally born at 0, and literally worth $ 20,000 in December 2017 I was there at 5,500. "

"People are paying attention, fools, engineers, industry, developers, technology, economics and processes are inside the company," he added.

"Bitcoin's computing power, which is the amount of hardware connected at the same time for transaction processing, is a thousand times greater than Google's computing power," said Emiliano Grodzki, co-founder of Cripto247.

On the other hand, Lipizo CEO Sebastian Serrano said, "We have Latin American block-chain technology that can connect to the Internet with more than half of the population, but we do not have the ultrafine currency, high inflation rate cyclical devaluation, It is not costly and slow, and 65% of the population do not join the bank.

"We believe we have a big challenge: it is aimed at developing financial integration, creating unimaginable products, and democratizing access to the digital economy through block-chaining technology," he said.

"Today, many people have escaped from the system because traditional systems cost so much to reach the bottom of the pyramid," he said. I will do it. " World. "

"Bitcoin is the tip of the iceberg in value and below is a blockchain," said Diego Gutiérrez Saldivar, CEO of RSK Labs, an Argentine company.

"Money has been a private, privately-issued private property, and because of lack of confidence, the country has gained the power of money for the past 200 years," he said.

"Now we have a transparent system that respects the treaty 100%, it has the potential to restore the power of money, and it is likely to create a comprehensive financial system for the human race in its nature," he said.

Meanwhile, Mariano Federici, director of the Financial Intelligence Service (FIU), and the central bank director (BCRA), analyzed whether the panel would provide a legal framework for the Kryptokur currency. Horacio Liendo.

Federico added that it is possible not to regulate the digital asset market in Argentina, but to "communicate information on regulation at the G20 summit in Argentina" before consulting with all the parties. Worldwide cryptoactives ".

"All regulations on Argentina's cryptoactives are aimed at fighting money laundering and drug trafficking," he added. In this type of development, he added, "excessive regulation is counterproductive."

Liendo agreed, "You have a question, but the problem is not correct."

"In the future, the Argentinian central bank holds digital assets in the safe, but it is not stable, but it leaves the table," he concluded.

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