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Intimate Andrés Calamaro: "For the past two years I have found myself alone."


Why did you release this new album?

– This is a good question because I recorded another album. Because it is made for a very long time because it contains a special guest, it does not depend on us when the album is over. And we were doing a little better with the album, and I started writing letters and writing letters in the mail at night. Germán (Wiedemer), I wrote a song with me. Then this year we started to search for songs and we began to record sketches, models known as demos. We were assisted by a very good musician. Martin Pomares, Played that guitar and gave it a good sound aspect in homemade recording.

– What are you singing today?

– Good question. Many things have made me write letters. For example, I look at the Bible from an obsessive but secular or mystical point of view. And I found some fun moments from there. I have my own theory and my folly about the Bible.. I am also very interested in World War II. And sometimes, phrases. For example, I go to Palermo where I want to buy a record in Calle Honduras and find the sign "I will be back in 5 minutes." That night we wrote "I'll be back in five minutes". There are excerpts from the album, but there are some verses shot there.

– In the song "Las rimas", "Love in the age of Ibuprofen is insured but there is no fullness". ¿Why?

– My original verse was to talk about the love of the Netflix era. In the past, many children were born nine months after the lights were off and there was no television. because It is not a joke that you do not watch TV.. The love of the Netflix era, is not it? I mean, visual leisure, phone, tablet; It is much easier to stay at home alone.. Many people say, "I want to go home quietly to do this."

¿What is love like at the age of 57?

– God. You know it. A 57 – year – old man does not stay single but remains alone.. One is single and the other is loneliness.. And for 56 years, well, For the past two years I have found myself alone.. And loneliness began to convince me. I persuaded me.

– I was convinced myself. In other words, It is comfortable if it is alone.How to wear the same pants continuously for several days. Clearly, love makes us vulnerable. I think I should remember that love is also a word. In other words, There was so much talk about love and we really do not know what it is.. The heart has a very noble and important function of circulating blood through our bodies. The heart is willing to play for 200 years, but there is no body that supports the heart.. I believe that hearts are already sufficient and that we should be responsible for emotional misery.

– The other one of your songs is forbidden in the way of life. So, do you represent me?

– He represents me. I do not know if he thinks about me.. I was thinking when I wrote the sentence. The power of women to get things.

No, no, you better not explain. And I am not talking about feminist empowerment. I am talking about her ability to get things with her charm.. For example, I do not know … Matahari.

Andrés Calamaro's "The Sharp Truth"

– Did you fall into that trap often?

– I do not know. It is enough to have one or two experiences and write a song.

¿How do you think you are evolving as an artist?

– At the beginning I did not think of myself as a lyricist. At first I wanted to be a musician who could play with other musicians when I was a kid. And indeed, I can play around. Betosatrani, Great Uruguayan musician, later Miguel Abuelo, Charlie Garcia. My skill was a keyboard or a good element, a good companion of the tour, and I was able to sing. Everything helped a little. Creating lyrics and creating songs is another area where you only play keyboards. And it is not to exaggerate the importance of words, but to become an artist. One thing is to leave your talent to someone else's talent, and the other is to record your own record. So I wrote bigger lyrics. My first album with 100% of my lyrics Nobody lives here., It is recorded in 88 years. It seems a lot, but 30 years ago I was no longer a teenager. I was 25 years old …

– And at that moment were you afraid of something?

– I'm afraid? The fear of the police has already passed. I was a teenager in a very difficult time in my country. The boys who were frightened by violent military dictatorships and who did not work in politics were under the pressure of many citizens. Nothing can happen if you walk at night or go to a recital with a friend. And indeed: Sometimes something happened. I was 16 when I recorded my first album. And we remember and celebrate the day we signed the contract. And that day they took me to the ominous police station, drug addiction, in Calle Huergo, first known as Puerto Madero. I may feel fearful, but I am worried. Perhaps it is paranoid. It was when we did not tell anyone about the castle: "Andrés", "Andrés", so they did not put their names and surnames on the agenda that they could get into the hands of the police.. It seems very complicated, but it was our daily life. And I learned how to not be afraid.

– But as for your personal fears that your song is not known, the fear that your career is short? Have you ever thought about it?

– My career is too long, but I was not afraid 25 years ago. I thought: "For 60 years, what will I buy, who will feed me?".

– Do not imagine the success that was your career …

– no no. Everything he wanted was anecdotally recorded before age 20 and should have been able to say, "I have already written a record!" Everything was a surprise, Miguel's trust, Charly's trust, and the respect of all his colleagues. We know each other … It's not a thousand years, but it's 900, right? 40 years We have lost many comrades in battle, but there are still many who are still together..

– What is the most difficult thing you will accomplish?

– Asking questions is a complex question. A person who respects the law of least effort as the only law. I mean, me. I have severe insomnia.Traveling and traveling is not difficult. But I am not easy because I am not like those who support myself and are already asleep like this. I can not sleep after the recital.; It is difficult. Before you take off your clothes, write the volume for 2 hours without TV. It is the first thing that happens. It is difficult. Maybe we should think about something really hard, right? But look, luckily you ask me something difficult. And I do not know what to answer to you. The hardest thing is to be able to answer you. I do not know.

– What do they think about you?

– And … I'm already a little armed. I mean, there are artistic and political tendencies that can give anger to many people. Anyway, I feel like I am accompanied by intellectuals and good friends. People who are important to me agree with me.

– Politics, why?

– Well, it's happening here in Spain rather than me. My defense of the integrity of the bullfighting, I do not know if it will be understood here. I am Argentine but I am also Spanish and I am very proud. But, I love having a king in Spain. I want to go see the bullfight.. And in Spain, all of this is great. They blamed me for some nonsense fascism with a little to the right of the spectrum.. I laugh: I was educated in socialism as an atheist, in feminism. But I have no problem.

¿Is not that what happened to you in Argentina?

– Look, Xi. He said of many brutalities (Domingo Faustino) that Sarmiento had some very good things., He woke up every day waiting for his opinion to stimulate his wife and rejection. He was a very interesting person today, beyond a few words that sound very bad … but I mean, I should be proud of the people I criticize. Because they criticize me for what I believe. Friendship, things I have to obey. Then I like them to harass me because they believe in me. I do not bother failing because success is no longer achieved. Y When I fail, I will use creative leisure. When I fail, I will need time to write more songs..

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