Wednesday , December 2 2020

It rained all night and continued complications in Cordoba.

The flooded streets, directions and evacuation from some point in the room continued to complicate the intense storm that took place on Friday afternoon this Saturday.

After one dawn of precipitation, many ditches could not supply the cumulative millimeter to evacuate, so Cordoba began to squeeze its way into the accumulation of water in the other arteries. In some areas, the accumulation of garbage has caused the inconvenience of blocking rainwater drainage.

The collapse of the Suquía River will cause some parts of Costanera Avenue to become limp.

The state refugees were registered with Estación Juárez Celman, and a 21-year-old boy was killed in Berrotarán by flooding the stream. He ran a motorcycle and was dragged across the river.

In civil defense they warned neighbors and tourists because they anticipate floods in the rivers and mountains of downtown.


This Saturday, the Casino del Cuadrado was interrupted by Caminera del Cuadrado. Caminera Police cut the road 9 meters high at the entrance to the village of Toro, south of the road.

Fierce heat, blackouts and storms

Friday's Day was marked by the intense heat that heat sensation rose to 48.5 degrees in the 15th.

During the demonstration, neighbors in different sectors began experiencing electrical service interruptions, many of them deviating from the main western station.

Meanwhile, the first settling began in the interior, which is a district of Alta Gracia in the field that began to cause water streams.

In Alta Gracia, neighbors tried to save R12 from the water.

In the capital of Cordovan, the sky turned black and on the 19th day the first settling of an accumulated 35 millimeters in an hour began. It was enough to cover many streets with water.

Corner of Duarte Quirós and Paso de los Andes, a true river (Javier Cotéz / LaVoz).

On rainy days, the intensity was low but continued throughout the morning and on Saturday morning continued complications continued in some areas, such as at La Voz del Interior Avenue between the Cordoba Airport and the Circunvalación Avenue bridge.

Rainfall is expected to continue throughout the day and last at least until the following Tuesday.

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