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Jorge Rial talks about Beatriz Salomón's death and tells the truth about hidden cameras. – 06/18/2019

It was a long-awaited word. After death Non-Atlas Salomon, Criticism Jorge Rial I've been hungry on social networks. Many people remembered that the driver had shown the moment they saw the hidden camera (husband's unbelief, Alberto Perry Ols) And they were convinced that the actor's career was over by the episode.

A journalist who recognized the cataract of the complaint opened the door. intruder (13 years old), he made a strong declaration of abandonment and told his truth. "I want to take a moment for this. Unfortunately, it was a weekend. One of them was Beatriz Salomón's death."He began to say.


He added: "Here is a big greeting to my two daughters.Because of their love. It was a really scary death., Terrible, with much pain for Beatriz. "

"In 2004, he created a hidden camera for Dr. Ferriols, who was the husband of Beatriz Salomón, a physician whom many people remember here. intruder I went at night. And at 22 I left. Point document. It was recorded, and at 23 o'clock we lived. "

Plastic surgeons Alberto Ferriols and Beatriz Salomón

In October 2004, plastic surgeons Alberto Ferriols and Beatriz Salomón appeared in "Intruders in the night".

"Point document We conducted a journalism survey based on hidden cameras. One day they started promoting hidden cameras to Dr. Ferriols. No one knew what it was. This is obvious. It is true. Nobody can refute it because nobody knows it. "He continued.

"I did not know exactly what the unofficial camera was," once again said, "Beatriz Salomón talks to Luis Ventura because she is a close friend." And she told me to come to protect her husband. She believed the hidden camera was a problem with the operation of the clinic. She asks me to come. At some point I have discussed the issue because it answers the channel program. "

Also, Riyal and Solomon together with " intruder" "We will record everything, then we will pass it," he said. The studios were all turned on, and Ferriols was very nervous, "he recalled.

According to the reporter's story, at that moment "everyone" "There was a hidden camera because Dr. Ferriols was doing aesthetic surgery for trans-ladies in exchange for sex."

"When we saw it, the weather was quiet, it was a cemetery." Ferriols turned white, red, blue, and purple, and Beatriz said, "It's not you, is it?" Mariano Cuneo Libarona, a lawyer for the company, called him and said: "Go. Do not go in the air.

The driver suggested Solomon go home, but said she "refused" because she wanted to keep her husband. He brought a pens and paperwork from an autonomous city, and he stopped writing when he saw what he saw, and Penn began to hit the table harder and harder, he recalled.

"We went into the air with the confirmation of Beatriz Salomón, they stayed, and we put out what we had on the engraving. They defended themselves. They fought here and left. And at the Lemis, Biatris exploded. Remy Portrait told us. "

"What happens next happens." She differentiated that Ferriols did not spend money on Beatriz Salomón but spent more time on the program later on. One day he decided to start a trial on this channel. Then he put in Luis Ventura and me. "He said.

And in planning to make everything clear, She explained that she was the "only person" who made her feel like "talking to people on the channel."

"I made an offer to a Turkish woman in front of me, and it was very important for me to get out of that moment very badly (economically)." She offered a laburo, but something came up in the middle, I am very sorry that I could not reach an agreement on the channel to get out of him at Quilmo. "

Closed state: "The people who created the hidden camera are responsible. I am very sorry about Beatriz Salomón's death and tell people who want to die. I want to clarify this to those who hold us as responsible and dark and dark. Do not be such a donkey. Do not repeat like a parrot, you can go to the archives. "


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