Saturday , December 5 2020

Laurita Fernández, Are you getting farther from Dancing?

The new edition of Bailando 2019 is approaching and the name will change this year according to the latest news. "Super Bailando 2019" will be Marcelo Tinelli's Thirteen's new TV show. With the announcement of possible revenues at the end of April this year, rumors of possible rumors of jurors and new entrants have begun to be heard.

But it was not all, there was talk about what was thrown away, and the ones that had the biggest impact were one of the most controversial jurors in 2018. Lolita Fernandez, She was very questioned. Some people criticized her role in the podium. As if that were not enough, she recently said she was honest and did not feel comfortable as a jury. "I liked dancing more than sitting on a dance floor as a jury," he said. It has created something, and the jury does not know how to develop it. I do not like it. "There were some of blonda's words.

After reporting his words to the press, one of the people who said nothing Marcelo Polino And it admitted: "It was cabretized," said a mean judge,. And she is an enemy. But a few months after the show reopens, the jury will share the WhatsApp group to talk about the latest news of the event and organize some sort of picnic amongst possible participants as well as between them.

However, Laurita seems completely indifferent and does not hide her strong position anymore. Polino, who knew the situation, showed a strong determination. He excluded Nicolas Cabre's girlfriend from the group and did not hesitate to explain why. The "Siempre Show" cycle, reporters that say, "No answer will be removed," is broadcast on the City Magazine screen.

One must remember that prestigious drivers, journalists, and jurors were among the most powerful in decision making because they showed interest in Moria Casán when they were involved in selecting jury members and learning. The possibility to return to the stand without closing it.

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