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Los Más Clickeados 2018's Great Night Portrait


Some celebrities presented their designs at the Pan American Hotel and received an award there. You see the picture!

Los Más Clickeados 2018's Great Night Portrait (Photo: Musepic)
Los Más Clickeados 2018's Great Night Portrait (Photo: Musepic)

Full white, total black, blossoming costume and solid body design. Celebrities showed off to win their prizes at the Pan American Hotel's red carpet. Most clicked 2018… showed me the dress I chose for the occasion!

Lolita Fernandez (Who is Silver and Gold Award), Yaninaratore, Sofia "Jujuy" Jimenez And Julieta Naal Calvo They leaned by the black hue. A jury member 2018 dance, Panelists Los Angeles de La Mancha The actress liked the short design, but the journalist woke up with a long dress by María Vázquez and an impressive neckline on her back.

Meanwhile, Ridge Tagliani, Mica Viciconte (Dressed in Paz Cornú) Vero Rosano Decorated with floral options and more vibrant colors for the season. For men, Angel de Britto He expressed elegance wearing a jacket, tie, and shirt that was different from a comfortable look. Gas tonne soffity People who choose jeans, shirts, leather jackets; And Andy Kusnetzov Jean, a person in a T-shirt and a dark jacket.

Those who wanted to print cooler styles in white have done it with charm and style. Sol Perez He looked at the curve with a big tsunami. Ve's Flowers He is with Maria Cher Soledad Panzio The team responsible for Basilotta

See all the celebrities at the awards ceremony. Most clicked 2018!

Andy Kusnetzov

Angel de Brito.

And the flower of.

Flor Pena.

Gastón Soffritti.

Jey Mammon

Julian Serrano and Sophie Morani.

Julieta Nair Calvo.

Lolita Fernandez.

Ridge Tagliani

Lourdes Sanchez

Luciana Salazar

Maite Lanata

Marcelo Polino

Mariano Caprara

Mica Viciconte.

Netty Franzoni

Peter Lanzani

Sofia "Jujuyi" Jimenez.

Sol Perez

Vero Lozano.


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