Sunday , May 16 2021

Magnets bouncing on a trampoline are much more fun than sound – BGR

magnet. How does it work? YouTube Channels The good guys of magnetic games know exactly how to make and use all kinds of neat videos to show how magnets can be used for entertainment. together Laugh squid Found, their latest video is real doozy.

You should be aware that until now the magnets are known as magnetic fields around them. Invisible forces, such as metals, pull or pull magnets react. The only problem is that you can not really see it … or can you do it? The magnetic game dropped two very strong magnets in a small trampoline covered with magnetite sand and then shot in super slow motion.

The video is all sorts of light, and it does a great job of slowing down enough to see how the magnetic forces around the magnet are bent and how feather light metal particles are manipulated as they wander around.

The shape that is formed in the video and the rounded sides on both sides are not different from the Earth's magnetic field, but are certainly much smaller.

A simple build tutorial at the beginning of the video makes it seem as if you can easily solve such an experiment in your own home. It is partly true, but keep in mind that the magnets used here are not the kind found in local hardware stores.

Super-strong magnets are often expensive, and the two magnets that can be seen in video cost a whopping $ 50. The more powerful returns about $ 100. But if you have that means, do not forget to take it and shoot it.

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