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The Argentine newspaper described the defeat of Guido Cannetti in the hands of Marlon Manabi, like a "cold water bottle". Cheito Vera, who submitted and charged himself with a second assault, Ninja Argentina, from the mixed martial arts of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Venetian Venezuela (38 years old), held at Arena Roca Park in Buenos Aires on Saturday night, played at the Bantamweight chapter.

"UFC Argentina Party (for the first time in the country) made a good start to the locals (…), the downfall of Guido Caneti against Ecuador Malon Vera was a chilled water tank for the hot tribune" Clarin yesterday.

Ninja showed the advantage of starting the action on the Octagon with Vera's hardest hit. But in the first round, Manabita restored and dominated the fight before he forced him to surrender with 3 minutes and 29 seconds left to the opponent.

"In the second round the Ecuadorian person found another knee (blow) that changed the fight to see one and threw the opponent on the floor and defined it as a guild (key to the neck). Chito was able to regain control again with the same formula: blows, knees, collapse and again victory. According to the Argentine newspaper, the neck 'mataleón' (the most common submission in mixed martial arts) It was the beginning of the end.

The referee had to end the fight in favor of the tri-color fighter.

Born in Chone on December 2, 1992, Vera comforted him by paying close attention after forcing a surrender to his competitors. "I have never asked for this fight, I was a great friend of Guido and had to fight. Thank you (UFC and its fans), he said to the Argentinean people, because this is possible.

"Every time you fight, you feel support and you feel the vibrations of people (Ecuadorian people). It is in my hands to take the UFC to Ecuador someday," Vera said in an interview with the newspaper. (D)

I never asked for this fight, I was a great friend of Guido and had to fight. It is possible thanks to you (UFC).
Malon Vera, Fighter manabita

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