Friday , June 25 2021

Mauricio Macri

President Mauricio McLean It was promulgated on Sunday this week – it was published in the Gazette this morning. Congress Special Meeting, From December 3 to the 21st of this month, there is a schedule of lectures including 40 bills.

This statute, signed by the President on this Sunday afternoon, consists of 1087, with a list of 40 issues included in the agenda as an appendix, some of which are part of the administrative nature. Or approval of access to troops for joint exercises – with other more important people, such as a project to amend the personal property tax laws that amend the law on political funding, and the "crime and procedure system for the prevention and suppression of football glasses "Soccer is planning to attack Bolas Vas.

The government has also decided that the draft law on recognition and protection of stateless persons should be treated as special. Amendments to laws regulating the manufacture, marketing and distribution of cellulose pulp and newsprint; Legislation to define the nature of the obligation to submit physical fitness certificates to all persons performing physical and / or sporting activities in physical athletic institutions or street races; and IBC (Collective Benefit) for the establishment of interest groups and the laws of commercial companies.

Two initiatives have been excluded, but you must wait for your turn until the next regular session: the rent and proceeds of all judges.

Along with the government-proposed agenda this week, the meeting will hold a preliminary meeting (Emilio Monzó is expected to continue in the presidency) to elect the session, and the Senate will do so at the end of the special session.

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