Thursday , August 5 2021

Meghan Markle chooses his first Christmas as a member of the royal family

At a religious ceremony held in Sandringham, Meghan recommends using designers' designs that did not fit her body before.

Meghan is looking for the first Christmas as a member of the royal family.
Meghan is looking for the first Christmas as a member of the royal family.

Last year she was Prince Harry's fiancee, Megan Markle annually participates in the Christmas celebrations in an informal fashion and organizes the British crown every year at Sandringham. But it is the first time that Duchess of Sussex attended this event as a member of the royal family. And besides: Not only does she boast of her noble title Christmas, she proudly wears her pregnant belly.

For religious events in St. Mary Magdalene, Megan She decided to dress with the company's design, which she likes to throw away because she did not prefer her look at her time as an actress in Hollywood, according to her. It's nothing like Victoria Beckham's apparel brand.

Meghan insisted that the previous Spice Girl 's clothes were inspired by a woman with a slender body but did not, but she put a signature sweater on one of her engagement portrait portraits. in this case, Megan He has come back to choose the design of a British designer who has a very good relationship. For that occasion, she chose an elegant navy blue dress with a V-neck and open-court equivalent to 65,000 Argentine pesos.

It is worth noting that there was not much time. Megan He chose English designer to wear clothes. But this time he tilted toward Victoria's design, his header tone, never failing him: Navy Blue.

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