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Misiones respiratory symptom peak is expected at the end of July.

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New versions of prevention and safety campaigns are in progress.
Increased acute respiratory infection – 2019 (Irab),
His program
Infant mortality remains for two years.
National average. While it is a force for the health system
Province, Arrival occurs within the framework of arrival delay
It is also the key to fighting influenza.

Minister Nation promised a dose in the middle of this month, but has not arrived yet.

"That acute respiratory infection is the third cause.
He died of preventable causes of children under two years of age. "
Irab Program Coordinator Guillermo Rolón
The importance of respecting vaccination schedules. in
Hand washing, avoid smoking and
Ventilation of the house. "Meet these recommendations
In many cases of respiratory disease, "the doctor insisted.

I have talked to Misiones about the possibility of a photo peak.
He told El Territorio about respiratory diseases: "Every year it is different.
This topic is a little difficult. Actually, there was the same year as 2016.
It was serious and anticipated. Usually in Misiones
Week 26 and 30, at the end of July and August. "

Rollohn explained that in 2018 there were 19,100 syndromes.
Obstructive bronchial, a person who should not be underestimated. Immediately,
The purpose of this program is to reduce morbidity and mortality. In other words,
If you are sick and have a sickness
According to death statistics, respiratory diseases
They are still the third cause of death.

He delayed the vaccination campaign – later
If applied, the prevention effect will occur later.
The number of cases increased compared with last year.
Influenza is not the most important, but "respiratory syncytial,
Adenovirus and bronchiolitis affecting children under 2 years of age
After a few hours, if you get diagnosed, you will almost never die. "

Human resources

The Irab program has grown steadily over the past 16 years.
The trajectory he shows; It started with 19 affiliated effectors
Currently, there are 240 public health centers and 42 inpatient rooms.
Abbreviation (SIA).

SIA is a physical space within a hospital or nursing center.
Primary health care (cap): trained staff and
24 hour security to solve the problem of disease
Respiratory disease, the most frequent cases are bronchitis and
Pneumonia in children under 6 years.

In addition, Rolon recommended that vaccination schedules be respected.
Mandatory, wash hands, avoid tobacco smoke
Household ventilation. "Meet these recommendations
Many cases of respiratory disease, "he said.

In terms of strengthening human resources,
Integrate municipal hats and professionals and professionals.
State health, physicians, nurses, exercise scientists, and
A network of work with municipalities and local governments "

Influenza vaccine

There is no official information about vaccine distribution
To prevent the flu, they are supposed to arrive in the province tomorrow.
Before the holidays for the holy Lord. In Misiones,
The goal is 250,000 people.

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