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Nahir Galarza: "I want to apologize to Fernando Pastorizo."

A few days later 15 months A young woman or Nahir Galarza, who was sentenced to life imprisonment on December 29, when Fernando Pastorizzo was shot twice in Gualeguaychú, spoke for the first time on TV and revealed an unexpected hope . "I want to apologize," he said.

In the Paraná female prison where she is staying, Nahir has received Mariana Fabbiani and her programming crew for the last few hours. Elite Ace. The interview was extended for two hours, and when the driver was visibly shocked, the 20-Guilty of what happened " Another confession surprised her.

"I Apologize to Fernando Pastorizzo"He did not want to know about the night he committed the murder, but it was the words he used," he said a lot about him. He showed me his message and asked me to do so about feminism and sexual violence. " Elite Ace.

The driver said Nahir "I am very afraid of how to stop.Even after her memo was broadcast, she knew that she wanted to "talk" at the same time. "She started talking about her connection and felt that we had demonized the media." She thinks the media played an important role. In his trial and in the prison he talked about feelings that caused all that happened that night. He first spoke of feelings."He said.

Fernando's crime

Nahir Galarza added the test, including a video showing the last time he saw his boyfriend on the eve of the murder, but later walking around the crime scene. Confess and confess justice.

After that, he changed his statement two more times. He initially claimed that the launch occurred by chance and that he was lying because he was talking about sexual violence and fearing to blame the cop's father, who owns a 9mm caliber pistol that became a murder weapon.

Attorney General Nahir, "intentionally supervised" Fernando, has ruled that he is not a victim of sexual violence and that the young man is her boyfriend. In all these cases, the young man was sentenced to life imprisonment in July last year.

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