Sunday , November 29 2020

Neymar's father exploded in a social network because of his son's criticism.

Neymar's injury is worried in Paris after the PSG dueled Strasbourg with a 2-0 win over the Glass of France. In that game, Neymar did not score, but he was the star for his involvement, and he was constantly struck by rival defense.

"Four consecutive fouls in the same play will cause my son to collapse and become a pistol until he can cause imbalance and injuries.I have been accompanied by my son for many years if he protects himself in the shortage.I always warn him "To avoid the split theater," Neymar Santos Sr. shot.

"It is not the cry of the parents, I am tired of the socialist system of football, I am more anxious to be sold because of the media, and many people say that Neymar is unfortunately acceptable, and my will is to send them to hell." Let 's get up and work again, and let' s prepare ourselves now because it will be as strong as ever and with the exception of poison, "said the father of the Paris Saint Germain indicator.

In one of the same publications from Instagram, a space was created detailing the severe injuries that occurred in 2014 and 2018.

"The 2014 Cup: I think there is a disproportionate and meaningless entry, everything is good, acceptance of fate, nothing to do, we think our son was lucky because we could be in a wheelchair, it happened and we went ahead "He said about the strike provided by Camilo Zúñiga.

"Copa 2018: When he stepped on his ankle, he said he had an ankle and ankle and no voice. On the contrary, he saw the VAR, but the whole world saw him, but was considered guilty.

Neymar recurred in the fifth metatarsal injury of the right leg and broke up with the stadium at almost the end of last season. His club did not rule out he had to go back to surgery.

The striker tears in a game against Strasbourg (2-0) in the French Cup. In a brief statement, PSG noted that "the first test revealed a painful re-activation of the fifth right metatarsal lesion."

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