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Peruvian measles: adults may be immunized to prevent infection.

National Institute of Health confirmed the disease epidemic, disease prevention and control center Saturday 13th It is reported that measles appeared in Peru. A person who brought microbes into the country A 40 year old Peruvian citizen from the Canary Islands. (Spain). We added that world measles cases increased by 300%. World Health Organization (WHO)

This scenario can be Measles virus It is "very contagious," according to RPP News, an epidemiologist at EsSalud, Juan Villena. But, The only weapon to face the measles threat is the vaccineThis can be applied without problems to adults and minors.

Measles vaccines are part of the National Immunization Program. So it's free. "And if this program is imported People who have lived up to five blocks around a person infected with the virus"And Julio Cachay, a physician at Ricardo Palma clinic.

According to medical experts, minors are minors. Vaccinate Double: The first dose is the first year, and the second dose is used as a supplement after 4 to 5 years. Adults need only one dose and are also available for children under 50 years of age.Added Cachay.

If you do not remember that an adult has been vaccinated, I need to do it again.Although he was vaccinated at childhood, Villena said.

The virus is dangerous.

According to EsSalud epidemiologist Juan Villena, Measles virus It's pretty fatal because You can stay in the air for up to 2 hours after being deported. For a sick person.

Another feature of risk is A person can be infected after 5 or 5 days before or after showing a characteristic inflammation. "The vaccine is the best way to prevent it, because at least six of the 10 affected groups are symptomatic," Villena warned.

According to the doctor of EsSalud, Peruvian citizens are isolated from the 40-year-old National Hospital Arzobispo Loayza.. Every health care professional who uses it wears a special dress with a biosafety code.

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