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Pneumonia: Low Vaccination Cuts into National Alert | Diariodekui


The Argentine Association of Infectious Diseases (Sadi) has launched the "Pneumonia pizza" campaign, which seeks to acknowledge the importance of vaccination against this respiratory disease in the lung for the third consecutive year. In this context, Marita Sosa, director of San Juan vaccination, said the vaccination rate in the province is very low and few members are receiving the second dose at this age. According to local data, only 2,590 (11%) of the 24,111 adults aged 65 years and older were in the risk group. That is, 1 out of 10 adults over 65 years old have been correctly vaccinated. "We had a work strategy for 2017 and 2018 but we will continue to work on deploying more vaccines because our nationwide targets have not been met and doses are low," says San Juan, From the 1 / 4th Sardi, they said that four out of ten adults were totally under the pneumonia vaccination plan.

The goal of pneumococcal vaccination is to reduce incidence, complications, sequelae and mortality from pneumonia. Those at risk are adults under the age of two, adults over 65, and other pathologists. According to Sadi, the people most afflicted with this disease are over 65. From this group they say there are more than 15,000 patients with pneumonia per year. At the same time, according to the study, two out of three patients with the disease (66%) require hospitalization. On the other hand, they explained that the 14-day mortality rate of infectious diseases was 19%. It increased to 38% after one year of pneumonia.

Among the astonishing figures of Sadi, the importance of vaccination has been emphasized as a preventive measure. In fact, they said there is little awareness of the importance of immunization in the country, especially in the elderly. This is the theme of the 2019 campaign: "Pneumonia can kill you. You can prevent it with vaccines."

"We are in the age of 65 years and over this year to get an influenza vaccination for adults, and take advantage of this time to strengthen pneumococcal vaccination," said sanjuanina expert. It happens in San Juan because adults often do not notice or do not recommend it. In this sense, he explained that people in this age group should be given two doses with a 12-month difference. According to local data on dose, 2 out of 10 adults (4,313) over 65 years of age received the first dose, but only half completed the plan correctly. "The vaccine against pneumonia can leave a difference in dosage and dose at any time during the year, and should not wait until cold days begin vaccination," Sosa added. The province will work to increase the number. "We do not have the data calculated as a percentage and we know there is little pneumococcal vaccination, but we know that the elderly are gradually aware of the importance of this vaccine."


36 According to Sadi, 65 percent of adults over 65 years old or smokers had pneumonia.

Decrease coverage

7 People were twice vaccinated with pneumonia in Zonda. Lowest coverage.


Over the age of 65, Sanjuaninos received the influenza vaccine and only 2,590 treated with pneumonia.

No order
Adults aged 65 years and older should not order medical care for pneumonia vaccination. They must present a vaccination card with DNI to register for immunization. The vaccine is free.

"Immunization against influenza is important because the virus can promote pneumonia."
CARLA VIZZOTTI – Sadi's infectologist

Since Sadi and the health authorities have agreed that the recommendations of the GPs are very important to inform adults and know that vaccinations are good,

This year they aim to mystify.

La Sadi is back in the campaign. Let's avoid pneumonia. The publicity has turned out to be a red bandage and it was launched in Buenos Aires before representatives from several provinces and DIARIO DE CUYO participated in launching the country. During the presentation, Carla Vizzotti, infectologist; Guillermo Caro, a Strategic and Creative leader, said the vaccination could lead to illness. They also bet on creating awareness.

Sadi explained that campaigns include awareness messages about their presence in advertising and social networks according to the hashtag # EvitemosLaNeumona. It also has its own website:, where you can find out how to access risk groups and vaccines. "There are 8,600 public immunizations available in Argentina for counseling," said Gustavo Lopardo, one of the experts at the campaign launch.

Vaccine for local children

In Argentina, one of the pneumococcal vaccines was universally incorporated into the national calendar for children under 2 in 2011, achieving high vaccine coverage for the entire plan. Since then, the burden of disease has greatly decreased in this population. According to the mandatory schedule, children must receive their first dose in two months of age. The second should be placed after 4 months. After 12 months, the baby must be augmented by this vaccine.

In San Juan, 89.4% of the children who need first dose were vaccinated. However, the rate declined during the month. In fact, 85.3% received the second vaccination, and 75.4% completed the vaccination schedule in 12 months. "Children have a lot of money to complete the plan, but we bet on the responsibility of the parents," Marita Sosa said.

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