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Popular video games can help restore Cathedral of Notre Dame. Chronicle

Emmanuel MacronHas established a five-year term to restore Notre Dame Cathedral. After a serious damage to the historic building over 800 years ago, there was a big fire. After the reconstruction,Much more beautiful"Thanks to the video game Assasin 's Creed.

A symbolic cathedral before and after the fire. (Archive)

Two of the wealthiest families in France have already donated more than € 300 million to restore the cathedral. But restoring this complex construction work is not an easy task and will probably take decades.

The video game "Assassin 's Creed: Unity" was released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2014 and was built in Paris at the end of the eighteenth century. It is the first game in the Assassin's Creed series, where many buildings and architectural monuments are reproduced on a one-to-one scale. One of the artists who worked on the game, Caroline MariaHe spoke to The Verge for two years to study Notre Dame to each individual stone and describe it with maximum precision.

According to the GPS World Portal this game in this way can be the key to recovering the famous cathedral. "3D mapping can help restore in real life, one of the most famous buildings in France. ".

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In the game you can explore the church like you never could in real life. For example, climb a roof, hang a famous gargoyle, or look through all the corners of a temple. What Ubisoft developers actually did is to create a detailed 3D interactive map of the Cathedral.

"Both the roof and the capital were destroyed, but the wood carvings were destroyed, but the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral is abundant." In addition to photography, Andrew Talon Using a laser scanner, he created an accurate and immaculate model of the cathedral reported by National Geographic.", The portal calculation.

This is what the Notre Dame Cathedral looks at in video games. (Courtesy: Excelsior)

"The laser scanner is so precise that it passes through the cathedral choir without losing the details attached to the tripod and measures the distance between all the points that collide with the same scanner (like a bat). Each measurement finally shows a three- It is displayed with colorful dots to make."detailed Andrew Talon (Died a few months ago) and then "If you work well, the accuracy is up to 5 millimeters."

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There are dozens of videos on the Internet that compare the actual cathedral (before the fire) and the game version.

Likewise, this game is not the only way to be used for restore operations. Recently, another detailed monument map was created in 3D. Hannagross – Begley, As a Ph.D. student at New Jersey State University (USA), he published an art historian Tallon's work on his Twitter using a laser scanner to create a very precise cathedral model.

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