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Prince Charles’ fury in the fourth season of “Crown”


The Crown Season 4 release sparked rage on Prince Charles.
The launch of Crown Season 4 sparked the wrath of Prince Charles.

Each issue of the series Crown The highly anticipated fourth season that rebelled in the British royal family and premiered this Sunday Netflix’s November 15th is no exception. Fans will enjoy the new era of the royal family, Diana Spencer’s princess days.

In addition to the announcement Emma Corin Like a little girl Lady d, A new politician emerges. Margaret Thatcher, Translate Gillian Anderson. Why Olivia Coleman Come back like Queen Isabel II The turbulent 80s, one of the most difficult periods of his reign.

This premiere had a particularly negative impact on the image of Prince Charles of England, one of the great protagonists of the last strip. According to sources close to Buckingham Palace, the throne’s successor is the screenwriter’s Series versioning “presenting a distorted version of what actually happened”.

Diana B. and Prince Charles look in different directions at a service in honor of 59 British soldiers who died during the Korean War on November 3.
Diana B. and Prince Charles look in different directions at a service in honor of 59 British soldiers who died during the Korean War on November 3.

In the fourth season, a young woman is seen. Lady d, Carlos (Josh O’Connor), Thatcher, without hesitation, dictated the fate of the British people during the times of the economic crisis and the Falkland Wars. The new chapter also deals with the escalating conflict in Northern Ireland.

In the cargo that has already been shipped, the heir to the crown appears with his wife as a cold man. Diana of Wales, He knows her and marries her without loving her. Claim of Crown Allusions to certain contempt and neglect Carlos towards Lady d, Negatively affected the family’s internal criticism. Finally, he maintains a secret relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles.

The beloved trio is one of the conspiracy of the current season, the turbulent period of England in the late 1970s and 1980s. The IRA assassinated Prince Charles’ great uncle and mentor Louis Mount Baton in 1979., And related countries Falkland War Together with Argentina in 1982.

Diana Spencer She was just 20 years old when she married the prince in 1981. Carlos The heir to the throne, over 30 years old, had to find a wife. Elizabeth II’s eldest son agreed to marry her, but fell in love with his young girlfriend Camilla. Described as a keen and misunderstood young man in previous episodes, the prince condemns his wife’s “vulnerabilities” by becoming a cold, insincere husband.

Commercial dramas and entertainment conducted regardless of the people involved“One of these sources is in the medium Daily Mail. “In this case, you are dragging things that happened 25 to 30 years ago in very difficult times without thinking about anyone’s feelings. It is neither right nor fair. Especially if many of the things displayed do not represent the truth”.

Recent seasons show royalty in a cool and computational way. “The public should not be fooled that this is an accurate explanation of what really happened,” explained a source related to the palace.

Two scenes of anger

Emma Corinne, Diana B., Josh O'Connor, Prince Charles, Emma Corin, Diana B.
Emma Corinne, Diana B., Josh O’Connor, Prince Charles, Emma Corin, Diana B.

There are two moments that bothered the prince’s father William Why bully. One has to do with death. ruler Mountbatten. In fiction, the Count writes to him just before he dies in an IRA attack. He certainly gave a lot of advice to his great-nephew. Their relationship was one of their grandfather and grandson, and the eldest son of Elizabeth II and the mentor of the Duke of Edinburgh took on himself to advise the prince on matters of heart.

Mountbatten He was a prominent figure, Windsor. It was he who often encouraged and warned Carlos to enjoy celibacy. The perfect girlfriend would be a girl with no past And he said “Made for the role of wife and mother”. In this series he is advising the prince not to marry. Camilla Shand (Camilla Parker Balls). The dynamism between him and Carlos created tension in the family, and Felipe felt that he no longer needed to find a father figure because his son already had a father figure.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle was assassinated on August 27, 1979 after the IRA bombed a fishing boat.. He and his grandson Nicholas, as well as his son-in-law’s mother, died. Dorin Knock Chibul, Who can die the next day, Paul, a member of custody. Her daughter Patricia, her son-in-law John and one of her grandchildren, Timothy, were seriously injured.

His death is one of the most tragic moments this fourth season talks about.. As indicated in Crown, Lady Di became part of the shoulders crying for Carlos after his beloved great uncle died, recalling Mountbatten’s advice, making her consider her a suitable candidate for the Princess of Wales.

In 2015, the Prince of Wales visited Mountbatten’s place of death and recalled how close their relationship was. “To me, Sir Mountbatten represented a grandfather I never had.” Prince William, Charles’ eldest son, nominated his son Lewis to honor him.

Another moment that rocked the palace is a series that shows that Queen Elizabeth II’s husband threatened Diana of Wales when she stopped talking with her husband. This attitude supports the theory that the Duke of Edinburgh coordinated the accident that killed the princess in Paris in 1997.

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