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Reconciliation at the door? Verónica Ojeda traveled to Mexico with Dieguito Fernando.

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February 6, 2019

The blonde flies to the Aztec country where Diego Maradona works and the rumor of reconciliation grows.

Veronica Oeeda Maradona

Veronica Ozeda He traveled to Mexico with his little son. Dieguito Fernando, Fruit of your relationship Diego Armando Maradona. In the Aztec country, he leads a football player and receives confirmation from some journalists, The possibility of reconciliation between the two is imposed.

With his rest Rossi Oliva, The Argentinian star was in Argentina and was very happy for the youngest son I have not seen in a long time. In addition, I shared the moment with the mother of the child, and this created the story of a love reunion. The main characters were responsible for denying it, but this new information puts it in everyone's lips.

Rossi Oliva's reaction to having to choose between Maradona and Messi

Marina Calabro In Mariana Diary He had communicated with the surrounding environment of former football players and confirmed this trip: "Morla's press office said Verónica would go to Sinaloa today after arriving in Mexico City, said Maradona's lawyer.

Who provided information from other programs? Adrian Pallas He said: "Verónica Ojeda will settle down and live with Maradona in Mexico. They are looking for a school and a doctor's topic for boys."

tremendous! Maradona will cover the tattoos of Rocio Oliva with the faces of two politicians.

a few days ago, Diego Maradona I Argentina Having spent a holiday and doing medical research, I posted an image on social networks to amaze everyone. Veronica Ozeda And Diet Fernando Includes a mysterious message regarding his family.

This trip will aim to restore the relationship between the child and his father, and also treat the child with a specialist on his speech. Another factor to encourage travel is Diet Fernando In a few days

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