Sunday , November 29 2020

Red Dead Online will give players a gold bonus.

Read the weekly Rock Star update.

Beta Red Dead Online, Online multiplayer components Red Dead Redemption 2 It has been supported by a strong community since its launch. Polishing of specific surfaces and characteristics Provides a better gaming experience.

In this sense, Rockstar has posted a weekly update on Red Dead Online., Among other things, bonus For players signed in from 25 days until January 27.

Specifically, Bonuses for this weekend will be 5 gold bars for active players. I plan to pay all till next Tuesday. January 29. On the other hand, the company expressed its opinion on how. Weapon heatHere we leave part of the statement.

After the new weapon heat mode began, we found some problems in matchmaking. Some have addressed short-term improvements, but are constantly striving to introduce a more appropriate and permanent set of solutions over time. These secondary improvements will help make the room more crowded and will resolve more errors in the next update of the game. Gun Fever's game experience is better with more competitors. So if you have a problem with the room in the last week because there are few people in the room, we recommend you give it another chance this weekend. Both PS4 and Xbox One have more players in the game.

If you have not tried it yet, The weapon fever is western style war-free battlefield.; A maximum of 32 players, both teams and all of them, can play against death. The players Shrinking combat area And if they want to move quickly, they will have to ride (danger).

You can search in turn. weapon (Mauser pistol, repeated shotgun, Arson o arrow Explosive) as well as Valuable Armor Like Ned Kelly's armor that can help you Survive to the end.

Finally, the company has made some changes and improvements to the game based on the player's opinion, such as the intent to fix many errors and optimize the experience. Player icons according to proximity, Changes in the Armistice System Because you can access the "crash" state faster, Improvement of compensation system, As well as other aspects that prevent players from harassing annoying people and present new dynamics between bounty hunters and criminals Everyday Challenge With rewards such as gold nuggets

Now, Rock star They have different improvements Game Updates It is scheduled for next month.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ping Curtain

Red Dead Redemption 2 Available PS4 And Xbox One.

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