Thursday , May 13 2021

Río Negro Alberto Weretilneck confirmed that he would confirm for re-election.

More than 2,000 armed forces and sympathizers of his party, Juntos Somos Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneck confirmed his candidacy for re-election of the governor of Río Negro government.Tourism and Culture Minister of Sports and Tourism, Arabela Carreras, attached the formula.

Governor Río Negro has confirmed that he is a candidate by leading a list of state legislative candidates. The list of candidates to sit in the legislature is as follows: Many new faces for Congress. Only a minority of the current legislators will go to a new period.

"Our list is a clear message before the Rio Negro community."Explained the president. Wages must be attended by current legislators, mayors, militia leaders, health professionals, teachers and lawmakers.

Rio Negro is confident that he will want to address what he has in his speech, directed by his new companion, Arabela Carreras and current vice-governor Pedro Pesatti, what we have accomplished together. do. Legislator by demographic representation.

Second place in list Radicals are occupying. Soraya Yauhar, Following Facundo Lopez, Norma Torres, Elvis Seid, Carlos Johnson, Silvia Morales, Alejandro Palmieri, Graciela Libvano And Lucas Pica, First place.

List Andean Circuit and Lower Valley Juan will lead. Pablo Muenna And Marcelo Suquicom, Amateur sports and community activities are closely related.

That High West Valley Sebastian Caldiero (Energy Secretary) is the first representative. That Upper Valley Center Gerardo Blennes, Principal of the Patagonia University Institute of the Arts; That Upper East Valley, Marcela Ávila, economist.

Meanwhile, Middle Valley It is represented by the Minister of Education Mónica Silva. Includes Lina Mar of Elena Herrero, director of the Ingeniero Jacobacci Hospital, the Atlantic region of the current legislator Adrián Casadei

Weretilneck's candidacy will have to overcome the judicial pitfalls because the first challenge is already thereAnnounced on Monday a cabinet member and a member of the leadership of "Juntos" Matías Rulli, who warned of "institutional seriousness" implying a third term.

The opposition The local constitution prevents the possibility of a third term as governorWeretilneck was not elected by Rionegrinos, but defended the presumed legitimacy of his candidacy by not being elected by Rionegrinos in the first term of the executive power, but thinking that he should be elected as vice-president after the murder in January. 2012 The President of the time Carlos Soria was assassinated a few days later.

Weretilneck argued that Article 175 of the Local Constitution can not be applied to the same case as his case of legal and legal objections to his candidacy. "This Black River does not want to change or be in danger," he said.

In a newspaper interview Black River, Said: "We have The article has nothing to do with us.. Two conditions are not forbidden because the two elected governors or twice-elected vice-governors are not mine. Another prohibition is that two people are charged with another charge between their positions and their duties. "

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