Friday , June 25 2021

"River fans have lost their unique possibilities." And Marcelo Gallardo,

The river beat Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, but the focus of the conference Marcelo Galado After the game is over. Only He talked about Superfinal about Boca., Will be held more accurately in the city of Madrid, Spain. At the stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

He asked to focus on the party, but "Muñeco" issued a strong statement and showed a thorough refusal to change the president imposed by Conmebol. "River fans were robbed of their unique possibilities." Shot

Next, Marcelo Gallardo's best phrase.

"I want to concentrate on team preparation and focus on energy, the only way we can defend. Pan. I think they stole a unique possibility. "

"To the fans, I tell him. This group will represent them in the best way.I will give you the joy you need. We will defend them. We feel betterInside Field of play ".

"My anger is like real river fans. We have ruled out the possibility of playing the team under the same conditions as playing at La Boca in the arena. "

"How am I going to rethink my way of doing things? (Ask me to exempt Boca's invasion of micro), I will lose my feelings. It is not our problem that they acted to use others, It is not represented by a river fan. ".

"It has already been decided by Conmebol, it can not be changed, but it is foolish."

"Of course it is ready to change, and we will play in a million miles".

"Copa Libertadores de América boys run 10,000 kilometers … Someday we will reconsider what just happened. Maybe we will remember this as total numbers. Today was ours, tomorrow was another. It did not matter, but the fans stole the possibilities. "

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