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Roberto Lavagna alternates Peronism to go to the summit and look into Sergio Massa doubt – 05/20/2019

The announcement of the official K changed the spirit of all political space. Although her plans have changed with the announcement of Cristina Kirchner in each camp, K's agenda has never been changed from national government to custodialism. And thanks to the same predictions of some rulers, integration took place.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner broke the weekend's political tranquility with a 12-minute video on YouTube this Saturday. She nominated her counselor, Alberto Fernández, to nominate the president of the Kirchner space and give her the second place in the payroll.

Within the federal or alternative Peronism, cimbronazo was strong. A few hours after the announcement, some governors on Twitter began to welcome Alberto Fernández's ideas as presidential candidates. Rio Zan Sergio Casas, fueguina Rosana Bertone, A mug Domingo Petpo And the landscape santiagueño Gérard Zamora They were approved for name change.


The fact that I did not define it, it almost remained. entrerriano Gustavo Bordet and sanjuanino Sergio Uñac did not give support until the moment. In the quirky Kirchner.

This picture changed the Alternative Federal grouping, which was supposed to have been strengthened since the victory of Córdoba's powerful Juan Schiaretti. The governor's conversation was quiet and the channel started personally. Schiaretti, Juan Manuel Urtubey, and Miguel Ángel Pichetto burned the phone with a call request.

Meanwhile, Sergio Tomás Massa posted Anties and appeared on the C5N and América channels.At different times and in other programs he talked about the need for Mauricio Macri, who confirmed the presidential candidates but did not become president after December 11th.

The ambiguity will raise the temperature of the federal meeting between Tuesday and Wednesday, and instead of defining it, it will have the idea that its position is not communicated to the press. there I will meet face with Roberto Lavagna who keeps the promise.Former Fernandez-Fernandez's official announcement did not change the space, so it brought clarity and I was confident that each room was very clear. "

A contact with the Lavagna newspaper said, "The majority will know what is going to happen with the governor because they do not have to hurry because they keep arguing with the locals ahead of the state elections and it adds: I will make the place clear. " In lavagnismo they are confident that their referent will attend the summit of alternative Peronism. Has not decided whether to move to the "because there is room to define what happens to the radical or socialist by June 12" in relation to the date of the election alliance registration date.

Then, on June 22nd, you will see a date to know your final candidate. For that reason, Lavagna believes that by that date he will pass the "Candidate Candidate" as a candidate for the company.


In any case, the last political campaign sounded a roar to Roberto Lavagna 's followers for several reasons.

one, Fear of Martha ending with Kirkensism is growing. Tigran's latest public statement can be seen., Do not keep conversation with economists anymore

another one, The small change that Lavagna made when he visited Bolívar With the exception of the livestock producers group that met him, his footsteps became virtually invisible. Also, He did not receive the support of Marcelo Tinelli. He was a devoted person, focused on his Tibet program.

Lavagnist's interest grew as he found out he had passed Bolívar two days earlier. Axel Kicillof who changed Bolivar's tranquilityHundreds of people gathered between Thursday and Friday.

The 268km cattle raising in Kanielas did not affect the hobby of "the original candidate". Bolivar.



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