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Ryzen 3000 CPU support on MSI, 300 series motherboards

Although AMD has promised that the new Ryzen 3000 processor series based on Zen 2 will be compatible with all motherboards AM4., Some manufacturers do not do that. MSI, Ryzen "Matisse" Processor Deprecated The AMD 300 Series motherboard, including the chipset-based chipset, is the third generation of the Ryzen 3000, AMD X370 and B350 High-End Compatibility with OC

MSI does not support the new Ryzen 3000 processor on 300 series motherboards.


X370 XPower also affects motherboard users. In other words, AMD does not want to be an avid competitor like its competitors who are forced to update the motherboard, and processors with Socket AM4 have promised more than four generations of Ryzen processors running at least 2020.

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This generally means that all 300 series motherboards must support 3rd and 4th generation Ryzen processors with a simple BIOS update.

MSI checks this via email.


Unfortunately, MSI's greed is more important than any intent of AMD. Owner's email support X370 XPower TitaniumMSI has confirmed that it will not extend Zen 2 support to the AMD 300 series. According to TechPowerUp sources, other motherboard vendors can follow MSI's example. The explanation given is that the processor "Zen 2" has more stringent electrical requirements than the 300 series base plate can not meet. This is an excuse similar to what Intel has proposed for the planned aging of 100 and 200 series chipsets, even if the motherboard repeatedly demonstrated that it could run the 9th generation processor and overclock.

How can the X370 XPower Titanium with its powerful VRM guarantee the electrical support of "Zen 2"? We will tell you.

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