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Sansa said about Game of Thrones | After the episode …

Sophie Turner immediately after the release of "The Iron Throne" The Game Of Thrones, Told the press about the fate of his character Sansa Stark. "I was not disappointed at all. Entertainment. "After the first season, Sansa does not want to know any more through King's Landing and does not want to be a queen, he does not believe he can control, he does not want himself, She knows that she can lead people to direct Winterpel, perhaps she can become the queen of the seven kingdoms with the help of her family and counselors like Tyrion, but he has no desire for it. "

Previously, some members of the cast were hinting at this problem, as all successful series know that they can not form everybody. In an interview with a television program 60 minutes"Some people are satisfied and others will not do so much," Turner said. The same program had an interview with Gwendoline Christie (Brienne). In a less contemplative way, Kit Harington (Jon Snow) said in Stephen Colbert's program, "I was very surprised by some of the things that made my eyes open." "He said. In another interview questioning his impression before the finale, the learner had no problem defining himself as "disappointed."

In any case, Harington defended a series of accusations of "sexism" that occurred after the deaths of two central female characters, Daenerys and Cersei Lannister. "One of my concerns is that justification should be good people, not women. They are the most interesting characters of the show, throne He has always done this. I can not say that the strongest woman will be a good woman. Dany is not a good person. This opens the discussion, but in this show, the character is not true. And did you see where a woman interprets a dictator? The actor knew that the finale would share his opinion, but said he supported the murder of his character. "If you follow all the stories of Daenerys, he will think that he has done a terrible thing, people crucified, people living in Burns, this is built, with what we have to say to the public: I can deny her, but I know something is wrong. They are also guilty, and they celebrate those things. "

In conversation Vanity FairNikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) mentioned the rate at which the incident developed. We used to spend the whole season to spend one season. Suddenly a lot of things happened, and there were some things I had to fill. Conleth Hill (Varys) has already mentioned his feelings of death for his personality. I was very frustrated with my nemesis Littlefinger and not having the last scene. "I accepted my death as an individual, not an actor or an artist," he said. "I understand the reactions of actors who were in the same situation before, much better than they were at the time, you can not stop to see how you failed, you did not meet any expectations you did not know, During the season, I felt that my personality was around me and focused more on others, but it's okay. It's a bit of a disappointment, but it's a characteristic of a program that includes multiple letters.

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