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Sara Carbonero confirmed she had undergone ovarian cancer surgery.

The month of May 2019 will surely be one of those moments. Sarah Carbonero and Iker Casillas They want to erase their lives forever.

From the first day of May Amazing myocardial infarction of the Spanish goalkeeper during training with Porto. A few days after intern, I started to recover. Immediately after the miserable situation of the family, Saracaneiro. Through the official Instagram account He announced that he had undergone surgery for a malignant ovarian tumor that would be treated in the next few months.

"A few days ago, a doctor told me that a malignant ovarian tumor, a tumor of the ovarian origin, was a sign of a malignant ovarian tumor Fortunately, we were swept by it very early, but during the continuing treatment I still have a few months of struggle.I am tranquil and confident that everything is going well, I know that the road will be difficult, but I'm going to have a happy ending, I support my family, friends, and a great medical team, "he wrote in Spanish on the social network.

Surgical intervention was held on Wednesday at Louvre International Hospital in Madrid. According to the medical department of the institution: "She was successfully treated successfully and successfully by ovarian tumors undergoing surgery by an oncologist."

"The discharge is planned for the future, except for complications. Later, and for the next month, he will continue treatment until he is fully recovered," the reprinted text continues at the reporter's request.

Couples of Sara and Iker were integrated in 2010. It was one of the most memorable moments when last Real Madrid was a 2010 world champion and was dedicated to Spain. In the interview, he kissed his girlfriend. In 2014, there was his first child, Martín Casillas Carbonero. In 2016, they were secretly married and had their second son, Lucas Casillas Carbonero.

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