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Self-treatment may be more dangerous in patients with hypertension.

Self-care is a tradition deeply rooted in our society. However, due to a lack of knowledge of the associated risks, It can cause complications, Especially Hypertensive patient, Because there are medications that can boost blood pressure (BP or PA) due to their active ingredients or interfere with the action of antihypertensive agents. Experts warn that in this context, 5% of patients are hospitalized.

These are active ingredients found in frequently used products, Analgesics, decongestants and corticosteroids. Considering that, the picture gets worse. 4 out of 10 They are generally asymptomatic pathology and do not know that they are hypertension.

"When a hypertensive patient faces a minor health problem such as a cold or headache, he is the same as the general population: He expects to be relieved that he has at home or that he considers what other non-medical personnel are recommending. However, dosing is not dangerous for patients with hypertension. Actually, 5% are hospitalized and equivalent to 162,000 patients per year in Argentina. Among them, 10% suffer from adverse drug reactions. And e1% of patients admitted to drug-related problems were ", Explained Nicolás Renna, a member of the Argentine Society of Hypertension.

Juan (78) Take antihypertensive and analgesic drugs with diclofenac. She suggested that the pharmacist recommended that she trust her doctor more.
Daniel (43), We also acknowledge that patients diagnosed with hypertension often appeal to some medicines without medical advice. "If you get a lot of knee pain when you have a headache, you take acetaminophen and ibuprofen 600."

the problem is More and younger people develop hypertension. People presenting it may be consumers who take this type of medication habitually. In the case of antioxidants that tend to be associated with corticosteroids, it is common for the elderly to relieve pain.

Pharmacist Juan Motta commented on Los Andes. It is common for people to go to buy these drugs without a prescription. "In these cases, we have a habit of asking if there is a risk and whether we can take what they are asking for," he explained.

What are they?

Decongestant. They are used habitually and are part of the composition of antigripales and antialérgicos. Pseudoephedrine can indicate this hypertensive effect.

Analgesic and inflammatory agents. It is one of the best-selling pharmacology products, and most of them provide important advertising support that is installed as a hatchback market or as a self-medication habit but never warning about this risk.

It is mainly pointed out. Ibuprofen, diclofenac And to a lesser extent Paracetamol.

But, Cardiovascular Prevention Program Heart Professionals Alejandro Saracco He somehow pointed out that everyone had the property. He added that some are related to corticosteroids that have body fluids despite their low doses. However, improper use can lead to complications.

Refined and expanded bags. It is known that the consumption of salt (sodium) is limited when there is high pressure. The effect of MT increase on ingestion is greater in people over 60 years of age, "Said Mildren del Sueldo, cardiologist at the Argentine Hypertension Association.

"Most presentations in envelopes and foamable tablets contain sodium to increase solubility and often take a sachet of acetaminophen, acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory or antacid, or effervescent tablets." detailed

Antacids and corticosteroids. The former can interfere with the correct absorption of antihypertensive agents. This season can be useful for taking advantage of the rich meals of parties and conferences that have made a clear conclusion that Saracco will not be complicated with single doses. What you have to avoid is its continued use.

Things to consider

According to cardiologist Mildren del Sueldo, there are three different cases of self medication.

* When a doctor does not prescribe medication.

* If you continue taking medications that your doctor may have prescribed several years ago, without regular controls.

* Dosages vary or how often they were prescribed at first.


Dr. Alejandro Saracco pointed out that it is important for patients already diagnosed with hypertension to discuss with their physicians. When a patient needs to merge drugs because a professional who knows his or her table can recommend the best active principles and appropriate doses.

On the other hand, People over the age of 35 who start taking this kind of medication should first check their blood pressure.

Finally It was clear that take was only once and that the ultimate should not have consequences.

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