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SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful rocket, began its first commercial mission

that much most strong Operable rocket Oh my gosh, SpaceXFalcon Heavy, its launch first Commercial Mission to Florida on Thursday from major protests for billionaire entrepreneurs Elon musk They are competing for a profitable military launch agreement.

Previously, Cherry Red Tesla passenger cars were tested in debut in 2018, 23-story tall heavy flightFrom the Kennedy Space Center in Florida first Customer payload.

"33 seconds plus T flight, According to a propulsion of 5.1 million pounds, Falcon Heavy is heading into space " SpaceX Launch narrator, John Insprucker, said at his birthday.

Approximately three minutes after the pad was removed, the Heavy's two side boosters were removed from the core. rocket I landed at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base SpaceX Engineer at Hawthorne headquarters in California

After pushing the manned load into space, the intermediate booster returned almost ten minutes later for a successful landing. SpaceXWe are navigating unmanned aircraft 400 kilometers (645 kilometers) off the coast of Florida. In the 2018 pilot mission, Heavy's core booster missed the ship and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Musk said on Twitter: "Falcon landed." first Successful recovery of all three rocket This summer, another Falcon heavy industry will be remodeled and repatriated to dispatch troops for the Air Force and Scientific Satellite armies.

The lift launch with Heavy's new Military Certified Falcon 9 engine was launched by the United Launch Alliance and Jeff Bezos, Boeing-Lockheed ventures, SpaceX, Working flight– improve rocket One fleet mission at a time is aimed at billions of dollars of greedy military contracts – one third of all US National Security and Space missions.

The US Air Force SpaceX It launched a $ 130 million military satellite in 2018 and three more missions in February for a $ 297 million contract.

SpaceX Boeing is trying to send humans to space in American soil. first According to NASA, in nearly a decade Commercial Crew program. SpaceXCrew Dragon Capsule, Falcon Top 9 rocket, its first Unattended test flight Ahead of the scheduled crew mission in July in March first Unmanned testing of Boeing's Starliner capsule is scheduled for August at ULA's Atlas 5. rocket.

Falcon Heavy has put a communications satellite on the Arabic, Arabsat, a Saudi-based telecommunications company that spreads Internet and TV services in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Private ownership SpaceX, Also known as Space Exploration Technologies Corp, was founded in 2002 by Musk, co-founder of Tesla Inc., an electric vehicle manufacturer.


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