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Strengthening job to rescue English channel body – 02/05/2019

A new and third attempt to recover a body found in the wreckage of an airplane carrying an Argentine football player Emilia Nosalea It was held at dusk in a stormy sea area on Tuesday. English Channel. This water is one of the most dangerous and malicious parts of the world, especially near the island of Guernsey where the plane crashed. The weather changes in minutes. It explains the time difference of the rescue attempt. If they are, they will also try to recover. Piper Malibu The British pilot David Iboon It sank to a depth of 63 meters.. AAIB, a UK agency to investigate the case, reported in London..


"We are going to recover the body.. If we succeed, we will consider the possibility of reclaiming the wreckage of the plane, "the spokesman said, and he said:" The current strong condition is that we can only use remotely operated vehicles for a limited time each day It means. This means slow progress. I will not make any further statements until I tell my family beyond the results. "

Poor seawater occurs when harmonics and even me change in place. It is a small moment when you need to be able to work in a window. It was British time at 3:30 pm on Tuesday. Another current change was at 19.30 when the team resumed work that began at dawn. So far, Geo Ocean III has been involved in a lease to the UK Department of Defense.. The mission had to end yesterday, but it could be extended as the distance to the body recovered.

On Monday night they tried to save the body but failed. They returned to the floor at 9 o'clock in the morning and did not succeed. The Geo Ocean III does not have the strength and power of a robot car. So, in a few hours after the airplane was discovered last Sunday, the attempted rescue of the body, which can be seen in the video taken by the robot, has partially failed.


A diplomatic source informed Clarin that it was "AAIB responsible for operations." First save your body and decide if you can raise an aircraft with a weight of 1,500 kilograms. It is important to recover the technology to help identify the cause of the accident. So far it is the agency that pays the operating costs. When it comes to complexity, it is time for insurance companies and clubs to provide important information to establish accountability, so it is time to decide whether or not to support bailout funds.

The judicial dispute will begin shortly after the preliminary report of the AAIB to be announced after about a month. Cardiff stopped paying for Nantes until liability was established and informed what happened. The position of the pilot, Willie McKay, who hired this plane, and Dave Henderson, the pilot who commissioned the flight to Ibbotson, is very delicate. Commercial operations camouflaged as civilians and pilots who do not know how to fly with gauges can be prosecuted for serious negligence.


Sala and Ibbotson's family authorized rescue at AAIB. The UK criminal body will also intervene in the thinking process to investigate the responsibilities of the deceased.

So far, AAIB has not told anyone who matches the body observed in the video. However, experts believe that if the plane is not broken, the pilot and Emiliano Sala will be able to sit on their seats with their seat belts on.

"Airplanes must be restored," British American marine scientist David Mearns, who was hired by a family who found the wreckage of the plane six hours after the search began 24 miles from Guernsey Island, said. Yagregó: "More when we know there's someone there." Scientists believe that the plane can be recovered in a few days with appropriate means to support vessels that can work in the North Sea and diving boats.

The Argentine government expressed its gratitude to the British for the search for the plane and called for continued efforts to identify the cause of the accident. If this effort is done by the British authorities, it is because of the tragic intervention and the new and rich British – Argentinean relationship.

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