Tuesday , August 9 2022

The blue goes down $10 for the return of the “friendly hand” and then sells for $162.


The blue dollar moves from a sharp rise like what happened yesterday to a sharp decline. Banknotes operating in the parallel market broke $10 and settled at $162, which started on Tuesday.

The wholesale dollar started at $80.03, 6 cents higher than yesterday’s closing price. Financial prices have risen. The MEP dollar was $144.65 (+ 1.3%), and the cash settlement was run at $149.55 (+ 1.4%).

The average between the banks conducted by the Central Bank (BCRA) was $85.60, adding state taxes and income withholding A dollar savings of $141.24.

Everyone in the city knows that these blue drastic drops do not react to normal market behavior, but to official intervention through the so-called “friendly hand” of offering tickets in caves and staggering prices.

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According to Ieral’s joint report, an agreement with the IMF that contributes to reducing the national risk premium is essential.

Mariano & nbsp Goro Dish

According to official sources, in the first round of this week, BCRA was able to purchase around $42 million in reserves.

Retail dollars started at $82.25 on Tuesday’s Banco Nación (BNA) screen.

The Argentine Peso fell (-0.08%) in the round due to mixed action against the local currency.

As El Cronista pointed out in today’s edition, the premise sought in the environment of Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, is that all parallel dollars (calculated in MEP, liqui and blue) are $140 to $150, a prerequisite for revitalizing the ailing domestic economy.

“From $168 to three clubs ($3 million), down to $160. And no one is left. The $143 MEP dollar is stepping on the blue dollar because there are brokerage firms that mediate it,” explained one broker.

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