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The contagion effect was at the heart of the Jaguars – 05/17/2019

Rugby is enough for one of the fifteen players to do something else that the other team can imitate. And some of them happened on Wellington evening yesterday. Hurricanes have been penalized to get eight points after three minutes of play, but have decided to add a new attempt. Petti, who was always a loser, stole the ball from the Jaguars' 5 yards and still heard the voice in the silence of the second line. It was a warning to change everything. Since Creevy followed him, the beats that flowed from the first verse of the game caused a mutation to open up a big illusion because there were his companions behind the two forwards. And not the Super Rugby's.

The New Zealand franchise includes players such as Jordie Barrett, Ngani Laumape, TJ Perenara and Ardie Savea, who are the best in the world and will participate in the World Cup with All Blacks shirts. In front of these monsters, the Jaguar has always had a tremendous level of personality that can always be overcome by touching the hands. So, Cancelliere and Moyano have ratified the tips of tackle and try to contribute power respectively. Moroni and De la Fuente nullified hostile centers (especially Laumape, tractors). Cubelli made Perenara crazy. Petti has ratified that he is getting better and better all the time. Lavanini and Matera felt the physical rigor to compete with the strikers. Creevy and Montoya have sent a new specimen of a tireless warrior and a special prostitute to Argentinean rugby.

Anyway, Diaz Bonilla is worthy of a separate paragraph. In front of a few notable media, Opening showed intelligence that did not shine in technology, manipulation or kicking because it did what it was supposed to do, but always had the best choice to know where there were other options. Change the moment of attack and attack system. And he always did the right thing.

Of course, the team all appeared above.

And that's why the closer classification of the playoffs is a reality. However, the analysis should proceed further. Spills must arrive by September. If Jaguars continue to be infectious in Japan, there is nothing impossible for Puma in the World Cup.

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