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The dose has arrived and an antiviral campaign has started in Mendoza:

Today, the campaign for the oncology flu in Mendoza has started. The act of initiation Gailhark Hospital, Located in Las Heras, is the second center of dose allocation in the entire state; The first is a centralized vaccination at Virgen del Carme Street in Cuyo 59, Ciudad.

The governor, Alfredo Cornejo, He joined Health Ministers Elisabeth Crescitelli and Oscar Sagás Health Insurance Deputy. The President gave a lecture on Gailhac's press after his first flu shot.

Cornejo quickly said that all public hospitals and health centers will vaccinate the entire population at risk for immunization. He needs to ask for vaccinations at "reasonable prices" because those who do social work are obliged to provide vaccines.

He also stressed that the public health system should answer them, considering that 44% of the Mendoza population is not covered by health insurance.

"That's why it's important to open good professionals in public hospitals."He stressed.

Meanwhile, the governor said he had received 26,300 vaccinations last year. So he pointed to an increase this year in order to secure more people at risk. "We hope to record 263,000 people this year last year" He predicted.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that vaccinations are not only vaccinations, but also vaccinations throughout the health system, so the vaccine itself is excellent.

"There are three measures to protect people's lives, such as drinking water, sewage and immunization. These three have made life expectancy world-wide, the population is longer, and the quality is better. "

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