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The Earth 's magnetic north pole is heading towards Russia.

The Arctic is so fast that it can be a problem with your smartphone map and navigation system.

The stick was a friend of the navigator. I got a compass needle at almost every spot on earth.

And unlike the fixed geographic Arctic, the Arctic is moving slowly over time – crossing the Candian Arctic since 1831 and moving to Russia.

But the recent pace of Siberia has forced scientists to renew their global self-model, which was used by the civil navigation system, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the US and British troops at a speed of about 55 km in recent years. schedule.

Move to Magnetic Arctic Russia
The earth 's magnetic north pole is moving to Russia, and scientists had to update their physical location early on early. (Built-in)

The National Center for Environmental Information of the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (UNEP), which is the result of unplanned changes in North America in 1915, allows scientists to more accurately predict the change in magnetic field between 2015 and now We have released a new model that can be expressed. .

Delegated by UK and US military agencies, this model is generally updated every five years and will be updated in 2015 in recent years.

However, the agency said, "The occasional update will ensure the safe navigation of military applications, commercial aircraft, search and rescue operations and other companies operating around the North Pole."

The main user of this model is the Army, but Google and Apple's private mapping system are using this method.

However, the difference is very small for civilian use, and the change is limited mainly to latitudes above 55 degrees.

Ciaran Beggan, a geophysicist at the British Geological Survey, who produces NOAA and maps, said in an interview with CNN: "Most users below 55 degrees north are not really different.

Scientists first discovered that the change took place in 2018 due to the massive amount of satellite data. Vegan said the pillar was beyond the predicted area of ​​the model.

Location of the magnetic north pole
This map shows the new location of the magnetic north pole (white star). Individual lines of red and blue represent the Earth's magnetic field. (Built-in)

The drift is due to the process taking place deep within the planet, he said. The Earth's magnetic field is created from a liquid outer core made of liquid iron and nickel.

"An electron current is created by the flow and the current creates a magnetic field, which flows into the hot runny nose."

There are some theories about how the movement of the pole has increased in recent years. Between 1900 and 1980, it accelerated to 38-50 km over the last 20 years at about 10 km per year.

While some scientists think that the jet of molten liquid is pushing the Arctic, other scientists have suggested that Antarctica and the Arctic will change their location.

There is nothing to worry about, Beggan said.

"Historically, this is an unusual behavior, depending on the geological scale," he said.

"The magnetic field (change) continues, but partly because of natural behavior," he added.

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